I think 'something' is getting better

I don’t know how to express this but over the last few days I have actually started to feel better in myself. This would be the first time since treatment and dx in Feb 08. I actually want to do something about my situation. i have even looked into another job. Its not great but less stressful than my current one and less money.I hope writing this inspires others less far along than me in their bc treatment. Thanks to all of you for your support during my ‘down’ days. I think i am learning how to not beat myself up for not being the same as i was before bc and learning how to live with a ‘different’ me.

Rachy xxx

Great news Rachy,certainly steps in the right direction.Just take it easy.Good luck with the new job hunt.
Merry Christmas!

hope you dont mind a stranger commenting here, but your posting sounds like you are finding yourself in a happier place

feel happy for you

take care

Hi Rachy, I hope this improvement continues for you. It all takes time and I know that you have been in a dark place for quite a while. But you needed time from work and a little while to reflect and heal. It is so good to see you posting again and sounding so good. Keep it up. Love Val XX

Whoop, Whoop Rachy!! Big hug

Really looking forward to seeing you for another coffee soon,

Love Katie

x x xx

Hi Rachy

Never posted to you before but am so pleased to see that you are beginning to feel a bit better. With christmas and the new year comming its a good time to begin looking forward again.

Good Luck


Hi Rachy,

I’ve read quite a few of your postings now and am glad you think you are feeling better in yourself. It would be nice to think you reached the point that was so low you had to come back up again if you get the drift.

Let’s hope you can move forward and build on this so your confidence will start to come back.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I might go back to caring for older people which is where I started from !!My present job is just politics and paperwork and not supporting the tenants I work with. It will be good to get back to why I started in care work in the first place. The job i am going for is only 20 hours so not too much to cope with and is 5 mins walk from where I live.I went round to the nursing home today and was impressed with what I saw. The matron had also come from the sector I had come from and had got out for the same reasons I want to.

Best wishes and thanks to all of you

Rachy xx

Hi Rachy

I’m glad you are feeling more chipper.

I personally found that evetiually the passage of time helps and whereas I was constantly anxious for a good (bad) 2 years it did eventually subside and really wasn’t sustainable in the long term. I also found returning to work far harder than I’d imagines as what I do for a living seems to me to be quite inconsequential … but it pays a decent wage.

I think you are being wise in taking reduced hours and maybe you’ll find that over time you like work enough to spend more time there or maybe you will be satisfied with your hours as they are. In any case it sounds as if you are looking forward and have hope and that’s`great.

Best wishes and keep in touch.