I thought I had the all clear

I thought I had the all clear

I thought I had the all clear after my USS last week when the radiologist told me that all she could see were some benign breast changes and nothing to worry about but today when the consultant reviewed me he took a fine needle aspiration because he can still feel a definite lump. He said he was just doing it as part of the routine triple testing and to be cautious but he also mentioned he may need to remove the lump. If it’s not cancerous why would he need to remove it? I’m trying not to get as worked up as I was last time but now I’m worrying that the USS may have missed something and I have to wait for the results if the FNA to come back- so the waiting/worrying game starts again!

Message for Ginger2 Hi Ginger 2,
Thanks for your reply, would love to keep in touch over next few days. Feel bit more cheerful this afternoon. Felt terrible this morning. Decided to take up my old hobby - building dolls houses, went out a bought one and have started building it this afternoon, it keeps me busy whilst waiting and lets me have hundreds of thoughts running through my head without anyone interfering. Glad you are feeling better, look forward to your wedding and the plans for it, keep chin up, speak to you later. 4 days to wait.

Ronnie x

So sorry to hear you are back to waiting again. Ginger2 and myself are doing the same. Please try to keep yourself busy, when do your results come back.

Ronnie x

For ronnie I used to paint a lot, used to get lost in time doing that, think that might be a good idea to start doing that. Will be fun too, creating stuff is always good. The thoughts are always lurking in the back though! what I don’t like is the thought that wednesday out messgages might take a turn for the worst and we move to the next stage of the forum! But lets not jump ahead!!! Hope you are able to sleep tonight. Have they given you anything to help calm you if you need it??

Ginger to Ginger Hi,

really sorry to hear that. Easy to tell someone else not to worry, but it does soud like they are just making sure. I was told they might have to remove my “lump” too even if it’s nothing. But lets worry about that then eh!! ( even as I type this I’m worrying though!) When will you find out? I think they just like to let you know what might happen. Im not too scared of that, Im PETRIFIED of having to have Chemo. Anyway, think I will try and switch off now. Let me know when you get your results. take care

Cant sleep Hi Ginger2,

Just painted the railings on the outside of my victorian cottage dolls house. No I havent got anything to help me sleep. But I am so tired I may ask my doc on monday for something to help before I go on Wednesday. 10.00 on Saturday night and I am going to bed!!! I was looking at the next stage of the forum like you, lets hope we will not be going there on Wednesday, stay positive. So glad other people give their ideas and views on things, helps doesn’t it?

Speak to you tomorrow, try to sleep.


nothing on TV to amuse me and tablet isn’t really working. just had a downer… Glad to heatr you did some painting. Might try myself tomorrow. Sleep well


There seems to be some confusion here - with two ladies called Ginger.

I’ll answer your question as best I can.

Your consultant is taking the ‘belt and braces’ approach and wisely carrying out best practice - the triple test, also known as the triple assessment. The triple assessment consists of three things:

  1. Clinical examination - the consultant examines you;
  2. Imaging - you are given a mammogram or ultrasound;
  3. Histology - cells are taken from the lump by fine needle aspiration (FNA) or biopsy and are then examined by a pathologist.

The three things together pick up 99.6% of cancers while mammography alone is less accurate than one might expect (as low as 60% in younger women or women with dense breast tissue).

So your consultant is doing the right thing. However much other results suggest no cancer and no matter how expert the radiologists he’ll do the final part of the test just to be as absolutely sure as he can.

Sounds as though you are in good (and very thorough) hands.

Best wishes,