i was diagnosed on tuesday

so am feeling pretty low and upset at the moment just looking for a bit of reasurance i suppose

Hi Valerie

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis, I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon with plenty of support for you. You may also find the BCC resources pack helpful, it has been designed specifically for those newly diagnosed and contains a lot of useful information.
The following link will take you to the order page of the website:

breastcancercare.org.uk/serv … ationId/82

Our helpline is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000 and the staff are here to support you and offer a ‘listening ear’ as well as providing you with information and other ideas of support to help you through this difficult time.

Best wishes

Hi Valerie - “welcome” to the last place you ever wanted to be. This is scary, and to be honest it doesn’t get any less scary - I’m around six weeks in now, just recoving from lump/lymphectomy and awaiting test results (not until 25th - eeek!) I would guess that even in ten or twenty years’ time most of us will still have this weird kind of paranoia about every little twinge. But it is amazing how you will find the strength to live with the fear, and to enjoy life in spite of the fear - maybe even enjoy it more because you realise the value of every single day.

And this is a good place to let off steam with people on the same path. Just remember that it’s one path with many different journeys - one person’s experience says nothing about what your experiene will be.

Hi valerie,

Huge hugs to you
Its really devastating to be diagnosed ,as you just think it will never happen to you.
Just take one day at a time don’t look too far ahead ,just wee steps at a time.
Have they told told you what sort of BC you have?
Any idea what your treatment will be?
Come back and have a chat,moan rant whatever you need ,we will be here for you,


Hi Valerie, it’s a mad club you have joined here but since I went to docs with lump 9th Jan,diagnosed 29th Jan,lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy 23rd Feb,my head hasn’t stopped spinning. It still feels very sureal to me and like it is happening to someone else. However, coming on here and getting lots of support and help and info from others who have been through this has been great,there is no question too big or small,please just remember you are not alone and we are all here to help each other and hold hands and hug on good days and bad. Keep chatting.

Sandra x

Valerie - so sorry you’ve had to join us but you’re more than welcome and in a funny way its so good to know that ther’s others going thru similar crap…I was diagnosed on jan 7th after seeing gp on xmas eve and then had surgery on 28th - just started first chemo this wednesday…once the whole thing gets rolling its weird…I felt horrendous for at least a week with really bad acute anxiety probs - couldn’t watch tv news, read papaers as it was all the same stuff, people dying, even the soaps…do you have kids Valerie? I have 2, daughter nearly 16 and son 10, I’m nr shrewsbury/mid wales border area - if you ever want to talk then just talk - I’ll add you as a contact too but everyone on here is like a family in a way and there’s always somebody about even in the wee small hours where your brain takes over and tries to drive you completely loopy…one day at a time, some will be ok some good and some dark but you’ll get there…mary x

hi there Val, you are the one who is important here at this moment in time…so be good to yourself and accept all the TLC that comes your way…cos you deserve it!!! Don’t be afraid to holler, shout, cry or laugh, both in your life and on this site…as others have said there is always someone willing to listen and support you!!
Chin up love …big hugs and positive vibes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Helen x

Hi Valerie… was diagnosed on 3rd Feb, my birthday and I have not stopped since then…Head full of allsorts…But like the others you find an inner strength you never knew you had. 1 thing I have found is its my friends and family that seem to be struggling more than me, but then again I am focused on getting better and they just have to watch.
keep focused…rant and rave when you need too even kick the dog, metaphorically speaking of course.

Barbara XX

barbara - what a birthday eh??? Yo’re right - your brain doesn’t stop you go over alsorts and vary so much, one step foward 3 back for a while then a whole bunch of good days where you think you have it sussed then wham…but we get up again, its normal just not nice…and I think you’re right with family etc - we have to get on with it they can only watch and hope…mary x

Hi Barbera
I agree with the family thing…they have to stand by and watch…but they too go on that roller coaster ride with us, and they have to try and show a brave face even though they don’t feel that way!!
Hey Val, keep us in touch with your next steps, don’t ever feel alone!
Helen x

HI there

It is terrifying and as others have said you start going through a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve found letting people know how I feel helpful. I also think that the waiting for treatment to start is really hard and frustrating but you will get there.

I did find lots of walks outside in the fresh air helped to keep me more calm as well as looking at improving my diet and making that as healthy as possible.

I’d like to send you a very big hug!
Elinda x

thank you to every one of you for your helpful comments a i think its the it wont happen to me and i havent got it like everyone else thing i have had to come to terms with.but i am feeling much better and its helped a lot knowing i have others out there who understand.can anyone tell me what i have to wait for results on for 2 weeks after my lumpectomy,thought they knew the results from the biopsies.i think my brain went into melt down at that stage of the conversation so i missed that bit.great to talk to all you lovely ladies valerie

They will tell you the stage and grade of your tumour and your hormone/her2 status.They will also tell you just how big your tumour was and if you had any lymph node involvement.From this the rest of your treatment plan can be worked out there are lots of possible combinations depending on the results.Do take someone with you and write down what you are told.
Good Luck,Valx

Hi Val, Horace gives good advice. The tissue they took from you at the lumpectomy will give them more information about whats happening. So at your results meeting in 2 weeks, you should get all the information that Horace says above. I received my results on Friday, and the next part of my journey continues…we are all different and individual, so don’t try to read too far ahead of the stage that your’e at, give yourself some chilling time…you deserve it!!! Also taking someone with you, is the best advice. I take my hubby…and because things were a bit confusing when I went for my results…I was so glad of his input and ears. Like you say, they give you one piece of information and you are taking that in, so sometimes miss other bits!!! Quite normal…
So you take time out for yourself and take care!!

Helen x

Hi Valerie,

Don’t stress if you haven’t got anyone you feel comfortable taking with you. What is most important is that you do what feels best for you.

For a series of practical reasons I go to all my appointments on my own. I just make sure that I have thought in advance what I might want to ask and written it down. Once there I bring out my notebook, ask my questions and write down just about everything I’m told. I’ve found that surgeon, breast care nurse and oncologist are more than happy to go at a suitable speed for my notetaking! Several of Breast Cancer Care’s publications make suggestions about questions you might want to ask and I’ve found them really useful.

Eliza xx

Hi Val,hi Eliza. What you say is true Eliza, for lots of reasons, most people won’t have anyone to go with them…guess I am lucky. It is also a personal choice…you may have someone to go with, but prefer to go on your own. I too took questions in with me…ones I had taken from a breast care site…but because of the confusion, I totally forgot I even had them! Think its great your onc lets you take notes…I think most of them would, if asked! Again it is whatever works for the individual!

Helen x

Hi Val
Everybody’s said it already, so I’m just here to say hi and we’re here with you every step of they way. Hang in there kiddo. It’s a strange and long path you’re on now, but it’s one you can get to the end of. Take it easy, take it one step at a time.

Hi Helen,

I don’t think I give them any chance to object! I just pull out my notebook and say something like “I’m sure you don’t mind me taking notes; I’ll never remember everything if I don’t! I’ve made a list of my questions too.” Even if anyone did mind, saying so would put them in rather a bad light! My surgeon encouraged questions and notetaking so that gave me encouragement right from the start.

Hi Carole, hope you are getting through chemo okay.

Valerie, the one result you may have to wait a bit longer for is the HER2 one. It seems to vary a lot from one area to another how long this one takes. As Carole indicates, there is a lot of support here so just ask - we all have questions, good days and not so good days!

Eliza xx

Thats interesting Eliza…I haven’t got my HER2 results back yet…in my histology report it said something which I think says ‘Awaiting’
So don’t know when I will get them…but just taking in the information I have got at the moment…is enough!
Good for you with the note taking…

Helen xx

me too helen - still waiting for mine…mary x