i was diagnosed on tuesday

Hi Mary do you know what the HER2 results are…for some reason I haven’t even researched those yet…taking it a bit at a time and just got my head around the oestrogen and progesterone results!!

Helen x

helen - if you are her2 positive then you have the growth receptor that will respond to Herceptin, so herceptin treatment is the next line - I too haven’t looked too much into herceptin mainly as its given intravenously for quite a while, every 3 wks…mary x

Hi Mary When is your next chemo…and did your 1st lot go ok?

helen - first one was last wed so now have a break till 25th if al is well…felt fine till yesterday when I felt a bit out of it and sicky etc but feel better today…mary x

Hi mary in our area[yours too]Her2 results take absolutely ages-mine were not there for 12 weeks post surgery!

I just got mine after 3 months! Her2 negative. Her2 is a protein that we naturally generate. If your cancer is receptive +ve for Her2) it means that the Her2 acts as a catalyst in a similar way to estrogen and progesterone, causing the tumour to grow and grow more quickly. The Herceptin blocks the action of the protein in the cancer cells so they can’t grow. If you need Herceptin it is intravenous, usually every three weeks, and can be for up to 18 months although not necessarily. As always, we’re all different. :).

Mary, glad to hear it easn’t too bad and that you are feeling better, Debs x