I was wearing my helmet several times a day

I must admit that the hardest part was wearing the cooling helmet on his head for months, and it almost every day. The days of chemo, I was wearing the blue helmet refrigerant from the clinic 20 minutes before, I had to change every 40 minutes. For myself, I then need three to four headsets. We had called me in the service Smurfette, coming and going with my IV and my blue helmet.
I was well aware that wearing the helmet only to the clinic would not be enough to prevent hair loss, since the product was still heavily several days later.
So I decided to build myself a helmet with bags of frozen peas and plastic bags. I was wearing my helmet every day, several times a day, it was quite heavy, very cold. Then I put my fleece and a winter scarves to keep me warm. That made me a big hat that I wore in my bed at night, before falling asleep, and several times a day.
That made my daughter laugh, my parents, my friends have nicknamed me “Princess Pea.” So much so that sometimes, despite fatigue, some were saying “hey, would not that you put your helmet there, princess?”. So I headed to the freezer and I put on my helmet on my head.