I wish it would go away-breast lump & redness...

HI all, I’m a newbie on the forum so bare with me please!
I am hoping that there will be someone here who will be able to shed a little light with what I discovered just yesterday…
A lump on my right breast:-( It is close to the areola and is odd shaped with a little dimple and the skin is red in the area of the lump-it looks like a birth mark the size of a 50 pence piece. The breast is also swollen.
Has anyone else experienced this at all-a lump with redness?
I cant put the words together to explain exactly how I feel about discovering this apart from the more I look at it the more I feel the worst and the last thing I want to do is visit the doctors.

I hope all you lovely mum’s have a lovely ‘mothers day’:slight_smile:

Dear faye100

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer support. We would always advise you to visit your doctor with any concerns. You could also phone our helpline for information and support. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 9-2 on Saturdays.

Take care and very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Thank you very much Janet…

Faye, I know you sound scared, but please do visit your doctor.

I cant help you with your specific symptoms,
but being checked out and reassured is the best thing you can do for yourself
And dont worry if that GP appointment results in a visit to your local breast clinic; the staff will be very friendly and any
tests you have will be a POSITIVE thing.

We cant diagnose you on here, have you an infection/cyst/abscess or cancer?
See your GP this week! You will not be wasting his time, and if you are worried it is cancer, then the best thing to do is get examined and treated asap!

It’s very hard, we’ve all been there ourselves. I had to have a wee tipple of something strong to get the courage to go to my appointment so you are not alone!

Truddles xxx

Can’t add anything to what Truddles has said - except that 9 out of 10 lumps AREN’T cancer.

We are the unlucky ones on here - really hope you are one of the 9!

Make that appointment tomorrow - and say that it’s urgent. The sooner you know one way or another the better. Mainly for your own peace of mind.


Hi and thank you very much for your comments, it helps heaps.
I am going to ring the Dr’s as soon as they are open tomorrow morning.
I have been thinking to myself all day-as you do!-I have two choices, 1) I can avoid the Dr’s and pace the floors worrying myself silly or 2) take a deep breath and go for it first thing-The second option is appealing and probably the easiest in the long run.
I think a stiff drink first thing in the morning sounds like a good idea to me lol.
I did visit the same Dr’s 6 months ago as I found a lump on the same breast and I had an itchy nipple on and off for a long time, the itching when I have it drives me CRAZY, honestly I could get a yard broom to it! and the Dr examined me briefly and said it was probably hormonal and nothing further was said or done and in all fairness the lump did go (completely different to this one), I put my trust in him as i’m sure we all do with health professionals but, right now I cant help but feel this lump sure isn’t hormonal because of the swelling of the breast and the redness-of which is now quite shiny I suppose where the skin is stretching maybe and its sort of pitted if that makes sense.
Its times like this I wish I had more patience!
Thanks again for the comments x

Just to say-I did it this morning, went to the Dr’s and I saw the same Dr as I did 6 months ago however he was really really nice today exceptionally nice in fact.
I was examined and I am being referred for two weeks time:-(
I really didnt like it when the Dr told me this.
I asked him what the hospital is likely to do at my appointment and he said they will do a scan and needle biopsy-can anyone tell me please what this is like?
While I was with the Dr being examined I observed him so much, I couldnt help it and my impression was he did seem concerned? Especially with the red area.
I asked him also what he suspects and he said that he cant comment but explained to me that the staff at our local hospital are very very nice and will help and advise me on the outcome of the scan and biopsy, so thats quite reassuring.
I do feel very uncomfortable about the whole experience so far and I would be a big fat liar if I said I wasnt concerned but the one thing that really bothers me is-the Dr said the lump does not feel like a cyst??
After reading through other members advice on here I am going to be really cheeky and use that advice thats been given to other people and make sure I’m a busy-bee to take my mind off this.
Anyway thats my update I felt I wanted to share.


The first step-sorted!
Your GP has done things by the book–everyone showing with breast issues should be seen in clinic within 2 weeks!
Dont apologise for reading tips off the other posts-thats what we’re all here for–Yes keep busy to keep your mind off it, but dont be so busy that you wear yourself out .

My clinic appt initially was just to see the breast surgeon, and she examined me then sent me on my way awaiting a scan, which i had 6 days later–a mammogram (not painful at all), then an ultrasound scan and a biopsy. All I felt for the biopsy was a small injection of local anaesthetic, then i felt nothing! The biopsy needle makes a loud click which could make you jump if you’re not warned about it lol.
I was sore and bruised for a few days after the biopsy but took paracetamol or ibuprofen which gave good relief.

Have you got friends or family to support you through this, Faye? Take someone with you to your appointments.

Best wishes xxx

Well done Faye.

Don’t be freaked by the speed of it all - that’s the guidelines!

What actually happens depends on the individual clinic - some places it’s a one stop shop, where all the tests and a preliminary result are given on the same day. I had all the tests - mammo, ultrasound, biopsies - on one day, but had to go back 10 days later for the histology reports and dx. Many places will tell you what to expect when your appointment letter comes through.

You are in the worst bit ‘the waiting room’. Try and keep sane while you wait, but don’t worry if you don’t - that’s perfectly normal.

Good luck!

Thanks guys:-)
Truddles-yes I do have support, I have told my mum, husband and mother-in-law and no one else. I have told these people because I know for certain I need them at the moment and they are closest to me and they will only talk to me about it when I make the first move if you know what I mean, whereas friends etc may take a different approach, not just that I dont want to worry everyone-its enough worrying myself!

I have looked up today about the type of biopsy (sorry i dont remember the name of it) where you lay flat down and the procedure is carried out from under the couch-it sounds terrible.
What I am discovering is that everything differs so much from person to person and even though my Dr today told me the hospital will do a scan and take a biopsy, this may well not be the case on the day-or is that just wishful thinking!?
If you dont mind me asking truddles, why was there a loud click from the needle?-I’m starting to feel like a bit of a wimp now!!
Thanks again x

Hi Faye100
The click from the biopsy is the syringe collecting the tissue sample, it really is preety painless honestly, they give you a local anasthetic first and the biopsys were over before I knew it, the only thing that is uncomfortable is the mamogram, but it is all bareable believe me, They normally try and do all 3 tests at the clinic if they can/have the facilities so fingers x it will be the same for you,

Good luck let us know how you get on

Janice x

Faye, I don’t know about any kind of biopsy done from under the table. Perhaps that’s one of these guided biopsies, but it’s not the first port of call. TAKE CARE WHEN GOOGLING! Some of the stuff you might find out will be American, where the testing is different, other bits might be old and out of date. Better to ask on here (as you have done, you sensible thing!) or to take a look at the leaflets in the Publications section on here. There are a few that talk about what happens at the clinic.

There are two fairly standard ones. Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) where they insert an extremely fine needle into the area to be investigated. Often this will be something they suspect to be a cyst. If that’s what it is, they can draw off the fluid that you felt as a lump and the lump disappears. The fluid can be in a range of colours, from bright yellow, through green to dark brown, but that’s all within normal. If it’s a bit blood-tinged they might send it off for a test, but usually they can tell just by looking that it’s a standard cyst.

Another one is the Core Biopsy, where a slightly thicker needle is used to extract a sample of the suspicious area. Because it’s thicker, they generally give you a fairly tasty dose of local anaesthetic, both in the skin and into the breast. They then make a small nick in the skin, insert the needle and press the button which makes the needle shoot into the area and grab a sample of tissue.

For both of these they usually use ultrasound to guide where the needles go, so they know what they’re looking at.

The tissue is sent off to a lab for testing. Some places give results on the same day, others result in a wait of about a week before the results come back. I had to wait, and it was very tough waiting. You might be able to ask them if you would get results on the day when you get your appointment. Oh, and don’t be worried if they call you to let you know they have a cancellation and invite you in earlier. That isn’t some special message that they’re particularly worried, it’s just administration trying to make best use of clinic time.

Good luck.


Thanks for the info lottie63:-)
ChoccieMuffin-you are so right, using the search engine for info is enough to drive anyone round the twist!

Well i’m not too sure where I saw the info I previously mentioned all I know is I would rather not read it again plus you are more than likely right, it was probably an American sight or something.
I also agree that all the info I need to know is right here on one site so thats great but, like many others Im sure, I have been a bit inquisitive and looked certain things up-i’m so damn nosy thats my trouble!
Take care x


I have had the punch biopsies done a number of times the last in Feb, and it really isn’t that bad…quite straight forward with very little pain.

I had ultrasound, mammogram, and the biopsies done, at that point they already told me of their suspicions and a week later I went back and it was confirmed, by that point I had largely accepted it would not be benign, although I have had them before and they have been benign.

As Chocciemuffin says, it 's tough to wait, I am still waiting for the docs to comment on the scans I have had. This is a really horrid time, but all you can do is hang on in there, I am just a month post-diagnosis and feel traumatised still, however the help I have had from the women here has been wonderful. I am having problems with family and friends (I just cannot speak with them at the moment) so I just come here if it all gets too much.


Oh bless you wintersocks (love the name)
I’m really sorry you are unwell:-(
I think this is a great place to pop in and have a coffee and a good ole natter and from what you have said there are people here giving you support and you need it dont you.
I dont have my results infact I dont have my appointment as yet but my mind is doing over time I am thinking of all kinds of stuff and one of them has been who to tell-I have told 3 people close to me, maybe it wasnt the right thing to do, I dont know but time will tell I suppose.

Everyone is different arent they, and when one is unwell they may simply want to be left alone where as another person may be the complete opposite. I think wintersocks it is entirely up to you, you are free to talk whenever you want and to whom you want.
I am sure when you are ready you will sit and talk with the people close to you and they will be ready to listen and give you lots of love too. In the meantime let me know when you are putting the kettle on and popping into the forum and I will do the same my end, with the biscuit tin of course!
Take care x

Well done, Faye, for making the appointment and following up on it. Your GP has done the right thing in sending you for a referral as now you will see someone who specialises in breast problems. The first time I had a mammogram, I was called back as they found something suspicious and it was a huge shock! I went along very frightened and after they performed an ultrasound, they said “OK, we’ll do a biopsy now” which I wasn’t expecting at all. The staff were fantastic, though, and so nice and kind. It was nothing sinister at all but this time I’ve found something myself which has turned out to be breast cancer. Again, I have found the staff incredibly understanding and reassuring and feel I am in the best possible hands for treatment. I always feel that once I know what I’m facing, it makes it a bit easier so although you’ll have a couple of weeks of worry, at least at the end of it you know you’ll be in excellent hands and can deal with anything IF there turns out you have a problem. Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you.

Franoli x

Hi Franoli, thanks for your kind words.
What you have experienced is what happened to my mother-in-law last year.
She didnt feel a lump and simply went for a routine mamo when she was called back-it went from there really and today is clear and back to her ole self and the experience for her is now a distant memory.

My Doc said I may get a call with a cancellation so I am really hoping I get that call (in a weird sort of way) to cut the grueling two week wait.
I have had a mamo in the past, it was something I had asked for because I have been taking 2mg of HRT for 14 years now and I am 37 years young;- My doc yesterday did say that this unfortunately is against me. Yes the mamo did hurt I found, I am only a size 32A cup and not much there to be honest!-so maybe that made a difference with the mamo I’m not sure. My doc yesterday didnt say anything about me having a mamo when I go for my appointment, just that I would be having a scan and biopsy-is this a good or bad thing that he didnt mention the mamo?
All the best to you Franoli, take care xx

I have my appointment through 24 hours after seeing the Doctor so thats fast-oh gosh, talk about anxious.
My appointment is next Tuesday 27th March. Time to nibble my nails me thinks.

Faye, you are lovely, it sounds like you’re such a bouyant happy and humourous lady, you will definitely get the strength to cope with this mountain, the fact you’ve got your appt already is fantastic, and pretty those nails up with colour instead of nibbling!

Aw bless you Truddles thank you:-))))
Well you know, I’m trying to be positive to be fair but yes most of the time I am a chirpy person (hubby calls it ditsie)!
Yes super quick wasnt it and if I have time I will do my pinkies-doing my own nails will make a real change from doing my clients:-)
Thank you again for your kind words, very sweet xx