IBC - Anyone on Lapatanib and Pazopanib Trial

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone was on this trial for IBC??
I started in March.

Hugs Sharon xxxx

Hi Sharon - we do have a new poster (Spockette) on the “IBC ladies - come in and say hi” thread… Her mum is on a trial as she had some small mets from diagnosis… Not sure which drugs they have got her on though…

How are you doing…? Hope the chemo is being kind to you…

Theresa x

Hi Sharon, Hi Theresa,

Hope you’re all well?

My mum is on a trial. She is having her standard chemo of Docetaxel and also Lapatinib in tablet form which she takes everyday.

Hope this has helped? Are you getting side effects from Laptinib?

My mum has pretty bad diarrhoea and trouble sleeping…

los of love and hugs


Hi girls

It’s not chemo I’m on it a new way of targetting the cells, the tablets may inhibit or block the signal to the cancer cells that causes them to grow.

I’m doing ok on them not really had any side effects except not really sleeping but I was like that before.
I’m back down to London Mon and Tues so find out if it’s making any difference, it was then I had to come off them for a week due to Raised liver count, during that week area got alot worse so at mo i feel like it’s back to square one. We’ll have to wait and see, fingers crossed

Love Sharon xxx

Hi Girls

Trial not working so I’m back to treatment in Glasgow.
My tumours in chest wall abdomen and liver have gotten alot bigger in past 4 weeks, looks like I’m getting Capcitabine and Herceptin even tho Herceptin not working, see how this goes. Hoping to start this week if liver results are ok.
This is a never ending battle!!

love to all
Sharon xx

Sharon - so sorry to hear that the trial hasn’t been a success…:frowning:

Really hoping that the new combination works and is kind to you… xxx

Theresa x

Sharon, like Theresa so sorry to hear that your trial has not been working and wishing you good success with the new treatments. I think many on here have taken Capcitabine with good success alongside Herceptin. Hope they are kind to you and lots of luck.

Carole x

Hi Sharon

Again so sorry that the trial hasn’t worked for you, and hoping that your new treatment is more sucessful.Good Luck


Hi Sharon,

i am so sorry the trial hasn’t been a success for you. I hope the new treatment works better. I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you and please let us know how you’re getting on.

lots of love and hugs

Maz xx

Thank you all for your comments. I’m still so gutted but find out tomorrow when I’m starting new regime.

Sharon - hope it is good news tomorrow and that the new treatment starts soon and is kind…

Theresa x

Sharon, just wondering how the new treatment is going and how you are getting on?

Hi girls

Still not on any treatment at moment as liver results too high, I’m on Steriods and Morphine at moment. Still waiting to hear what next plan is…

hugs Sharon xx