IBC(Inflammatory breast cancer)

IBC(Inflammatory breast cancer)

IBC(Inflammatory breast cancer) I would just like to know if anybody has had IBC and any information on it at all.
I have had breast cancer twice before and I now have it for the 3rd time I am devastated.

For Veebee Hi and welcome to the forums,

I have copied your post into the Local Recurrence or new primary diagnosis forum as you may get a better response from here.

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veebee there are a few of us on here facing IBC - there’s a tread on it in the Current issues/hot topics section.

I was diagnosed in Jan '04 and after chemo, surgery and rads am now well, bar some lymphodaema. It is a scary diagnosis, but there are a couple of sources of help and information (see the thread in Current issues/hot topics) for those that different people have found helpful.

I’m happy to chat with you - you can find my address through wwwamazonheart.org - press the ‘contact us’ button - I’me the one in the UK.

take care.

change of address the main contact page doesn’t have e-mails - try amazonheart.org/AHThunder/contact.htm