ibc, what should I know?

Just found out (nearing end if chemo) that ct scan was suggestive of ibc. Knew I was triple negative but now also this. Is this likely to be genetic? No family history but now wondering if I need to find out? Or if I can. Due to have mastectomy, am I now best to push for a double? Feel like I have just opened another can of worms that I don’t know the answers to. Was told lobular and ductal BC so read up on this… Now ibc, know nothing and looking to research/question this.

Hi Tanz
Whilst you await replies here’s a link to the BCC information about inflammatory breast cancer which I hope you will find helpful:


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Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Tanz,


I was told that there was no reason to have the double mx as it was unlikely to be in both breasts but I do have 6 month checks 3 years out.  I don’t think there is any genetic link but they always look to see if you have at least 2 or 3  close female relatives that have similar BC, sister, mother, grandmother.


Good luck with your treatment.