DIagnosed with IBV last Friday. Appt on Friday for results of blood tests, mammogram, full body bone scan and CT scan of thorax, abdomen and pelvis. I am 68 and have 3 adult daughters. I am a dressmaker and teacher.
I was prepared for the result as I knew that my sinking nipple meant breast cancer. Had never heard about IBC. Shd have appt with oncologist on 19 August.
My strength through this is in my faith. I know that God is in control. When my son was born 6 weeks prem in 1978 and was in Gt Ormond Street Hosp before he was 24 hrs old, and when he died in 2011 (SUDEP) my faith in God helped me through these difficult periods.
My husband had prostate cancer in 2004 and has had no problems since.
I am determined to beat this. Lets get this chemo treatment started then the surgery.


Welcome to the BCC Forum where I’m sure you will find support from other members.

You might find it helpful to join the thread begun by members who all started their chemotherapy in August.  I’ve attached a link:


Very best wishes


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