i’ve just had FEC2 but developed a sore patch on the effected breast tha6t is very red and blistered. Hosp/GP have prescribed anti-biotics but GP also gave me Ibuprofen. I seem to remember reading somewhere that this is not something I should be taking - does anyone have experience of this while on chemo?

Hello Maggie
I’ve just finished FEC x 6 and have been taking Ibuprofen all the way through for probs with shoulder. Both chemo unit and GP were aware and OK’d it. Not sure what anyone else has been told!
hope this is some help - you could always ring A&E and ask if someone could check it out - I’ve done that before and a doc has fed back to me. Also NHS Direct might be able to help.
Good Luck!
monica x

thnks Monica thats very reassuring

I’ve just had FEC3 and have asked both chemo nurse and onc if it’s ok to take ibuprofen and they both ok’d it.

I was told by my Oncologist not to take ibuprofen - not sure why but could be because of irritating lining of stomach (I was very sick with FEC). I would ring your Onc’s secretary and ask them to check with your Onc if you want further reassurance. I was able to take paracetamol or co-codamol for pain.

best wishes Elinda x

I was prescribed not only ibuprofen but also diclofenac,a stronger version,when I was on chemo-no problems with stomach but I was already on Omeprazole so maybe that helped.

Thanks for the advice everyone however the problem remains and is spreading. I now have a blister on my non-surgical arm and another on my surgical side leg. Plus the red area on the breast has more than doubled in size. Has anyone heard about allergic reactions to FEC?

Hi Maggie

I would suggest that you contact your medical team for further advice about the symptoms you have at the moment,
take care
Lucy (BCC)

OK thanks