Anyone just been diagnosed with the same recently? I have just started Tamoxifen and due to start 3 weeks rads at St Thomas’ on Thursday 9th August? Would love to hear from you, especially if you are travelling there too? x

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I have the same diagnosis but it looks liKe my treatment is the other way round! I was given chemo and now I’m waiting for a decsion re surgery. Afterwards, I’ll have radiotherapy and tamoxifen. I’m under Barts and London hospital.

Gadget–gal…thats really strange, perhaps they are treated differently? My lump was found through 2nd mamogram, it was only a few mm - they removed the lump and one of the lymph nodes, the node was clear, I have been on Tamoxifen now for 10 days and start 3 weeks of rads from tomorrow. I was told that it was small but stage 2 and that it was hormone receptive not hereditary. What were you told?

sorry, I mised this reply:

my lmup hasn’t been staged, because they haven’t given me anything definate on the lymph nodes other than to tell me they dont “look normal” but I do know the lump is grade 2. I am due to see a surgeon soon, so I will will be told whay they plan to do aout my lymph nodes. perhaps they’l take one out with surgery or something(?). I am Oestogen receptive so I will need tamoxifen after radiotherpy

why were you given chemo before they even removed the lump? I thought they do a biopsy to see what cancer it is and the stage, which is what they did with me, then they remove the lump and examine and surrounding tissue to see if it has spread then they decide on the next treatment?

Sometimes they use chemo for shrinkage, minimise chances of extensive sugery and to kill stray cells.

I did have a bone and CT scan before chemo to Rule out spreading though