Identifying local recurrence when your pectoral muscle has been zapped

Now here’s a thing …

My surgeon told me that any recurrence (I’m high risk) in the area of my delayed LD flap would manifest itself on the skin because ordinarily your pectoral muscle would act as a barrier. My tumour was, sure enough, above the muscle in the tissue. However, comma, my back muscle now does its best to hold an implant in position and the pectoral muscle is where it always was but now under an implant and not under tissue.

My question is, that since the pectoral muscle was subjected to 25 full blasts, isn’t its efficacy at being a barrier now shot to pieces? Isn’t it more likely now that a recurrence could occur under between the pectoral muscle and the implant or even under the pectoral muscle on the chest wall???

Someone will know …


Bringing this to the top cos I’m interested to read the answer!

Maybe the online nurse could answer?

Hi Dahlia

I will certainly refer this on to Tara, our online clinical nurse specialist, you can also send your query to the ‘Ask the Nurse’ service which you will find on the homepage of the website.

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Did Tara ever come up with an answer on this?