Idle brain - Annoying thoughts

Does anyone have any this for shutting up the inner voice of doom please?!


Since my chemo change last cycle, I’ve had many more moments of negative thought. Tbh its not all the time and I’m still positive the majority of the time, but when its quiet / im on my own ( or worst time is when im in bed, ) these stupid thoughts keep chipping in.


I’ve started planning things for the children after I’ve gone, funeral songs, its return and treatment plan… I could sure do without it!!! I don’t feel its affecting my mental well being, just possibly making me tense as I’m about to go to s!eep and sleep is suffering a little.


Any one tried mindfulness?

Hi Xena,
Those ‘automatic negative thoughts’ as I understand they’re called are certainly a pain, so techniques that can help to manage these intrusions on our wellbeing is certainly worth doing.
I’ve had mindfulness training & it certainly is a useful technique to practise, it’s not difficult to do & there are apps available to help with this, ‘headspace’ I think, is one I’ve seen here.
Yoga can also be helpful, I use the ‘Yoga Studio’ app, which has a range of classes for all levels, including relaxation & meditation.
ann x

I think that most NHS trusts give you about 6 complimentary therapies as part of your treatment to help with this sort of thing. Meditation and mindfulness are part of this I think I need to look into this myself because having similar issues. During the day I’m fine but as soon as I’m quiet in bed my mind goes into overdrive! I am a naturally very positive person but I am prone to bouts of anxiety and get get off very down days. I bounce back quickly but given our circumstances it’s not surprising that we are suffering. If you look at the side effects of some of the chemo drugs and especially the anti sickness meds there are warnings about them causing anxiety and depression too.
Have you got a Maggie’s centre nearby or a similar cancer support charity because they offer help with this too. Our hospital also has a support arm called Focus don’t know how local that is either.

Morning ladies -I think it is very hard to stop those negative thoughts popping up in the beginning particularly when you are alone or at night -4am is a very lonely time and there are no distractions .Having had cancer twice I can tell you that they do get gradually less and less but very annoying sometimes when they pop into your head when actually you aren’t feeling that bad - I used to tell the thoughts where to go (swearing allowed) and replace the negative thoughts with positive words and images (think of some in advance ready to use when the dark thoughts appear .Jill.