If I have BC - can I drive?

Hi All,


Random thoughts running through my head at this time. I am setting up my own firm & do volunteer work for 2 charities, all of which need me to be able to drive.


If I ma diagnosed Friday next week with BC - can I still drive?


Thanks, can’t the dread of losing this independence out of my head.


Cheers for all your support & all the advice on here

Hello Wheezy,
Like you, I value my independence and my car is my lifeline.
You can still drive with a BC diagnosis.
The exception is after you have had surgery when you are advised by your breast surgeon/breast care team not to drive for two weeks and to check the small print on your car insurance. However, some ladies drive sooner after their operation.
Please do not worry yourself.
Sending you good luck for a favourable result on Friday.