ignore or complain about mystery pain?

ignore or complain about mystery pain?

ignore or complain about mystery pain? I have started a new thread with this post as it was a little lost in the previous one
posted on 12.02.06 7:52 pm

Hi - this is my first post, so I hope I don’t break any rules! I finished surgery/chemo/radio in December and saw my onc three weeks ago. I mentioned a strange pain that started about a month or two ago where my bottom rib joins the spine. He sent me straight away for a bone scan, which was great, and it came back clear, even greater, but I’m still left with this mystery spot of tenderness. Should I go back to him? I’m afraid of being a pest. If he thought there could be any other problem he’d have sent me for more tests, wouldn’t he? Should I go to my GP? - but he doesn’t have specialist knowledge. I want to just forget about it, but it’s not going away!

Get it checked again Hello there,
I am sorry you are having pains I know you have had it checked already but i feel you should contact your Breast care nurse and tell her that you still have this pain and could she advice you on what do next. I am not sure what type of surgery you have had I know a few people who have had a mastectomy and reconstruction done from their back muscle like myself and they have pains still 1 year on.
If you are worried don’t ignore it get it checked again you need to set your mind at ease.
sorry it is not much help.

Hi I would talk to your GP first, since the bone scan was clear. It could be a trapped nerve or a slipped disc, but you should get it checked. If your GP can’t help, then I would go back to the hospital.

— second that — Second what Gandalf says, as everytime I mention a problem at the hospital they seem to say ‘see your GP about it’ (that’s because being sent for tests round here is like asking to be sent to a pre-paid Carribbean cruise.)

Joy xxxx

thanks guys Thank you, Claire, Geronimo and Gandalf. I reckon I will see the GP. BUT just putting the first post up made me feel so much more relaxed about the whole thing. It’s such a help knowing it’s not just little me timidly trying to tackle the big system. How do you decide when it’s time to visit the GP? I can see him geting pig-sick of me and my funny little aches and pains.

— Dear Lennox

Go and see your GP, or talk to a breast cancer nurse. If you sit on your worries, they take up valuable energy! It’s your GP’s job to listen to funny little aches and pains, and I imagine he’s much more sympathetic when there’s a history of BC.

After you get checked out, you’ll feel much better,

Tina xx

— Hi Lennox — NEVER NEVER NEVER feel that you are mithering your GP. If you need to phone up every week, then do so… This is YOUR life and don’t forget we are all just numbers and statistics to everybody else other than our families, friends and each other on this site… If by some chance he does look weary and sigh with a what you again face (which I am sure he won’t - he knows how serious cancer is) - then SO WHAT… You need reassurance now, and believe me will need it for a very long time to come.

Good luck, chin up and say to yourself before you walk in his surgery - I am strong and want to have my say. I’m sure he’ll be lovely with you anyway.

Big hug, Joy xxx

So right Good bracing talk, Joy. Thank you for the hug too. Tina and you have really boosted my confidence. I hope it doesn’t all drain out of my boots in the waiting room!