Illogical fear

Please can someone help me with this illogical fear. I have had two benign breast lumps in the past (many years ago) and a ruptured cyst but nothing else. I am on the IBIS II trial and, therefore, get mammograms every 18 months. I have just had my appointment through for October 17 and am getting myself worked up into such a state that I can’t sleep. Keep thinking I am finding lumps when sitting down and then when I lie down and look they are not there, or seem not to be. Logic tells me that if there was nothing there 18 months ago and there is now then it has not been there long and it will be dealt with successfully but I still have this blind panic - can someone give me any advice please before I drive my poor husband mad.


hi Jan, if you find any lump that you are not sure about, then you mustn’t wait, you must get it seen too asap, most lumps are benign, hopefully yours will be too, but you don’t have to wait till mid october to find out when your gp will either recommend you or not to a rapid breast clinic. don’t be worrying when you don’t need to, ring your gp tomorrow and get yourself sorted.

lots of love


Hi Jan

please get yorself looked, it only takes a minute and could save your life…


Hi there,

If you can, try to make a pact with yourself that you’re not going to check for anything in the breast in the second half of your menstrual cycle after ovulation (if you still ovulate) when it’s not recommended to check because breasts are naturally lumpier then, anyway.
The best time to check is the week after a period.
Up until about age 35 breasts tend to feel lumpier because they have a texture similar to grains of rice.
I bought myself a good book five years ago when I was going through a bad breast patch with mastitis (non-lactating) and a breast lump that landed me in hospital. It’s called “The Informed Woman’s Guide to Breast Health” and is about breast changes which are not cancer.
It’s really useful!