I'm 24 & have been told they need to act quick


I am 24, I noticed a large lump on my breast and went to the GP who said she wasn’t worried but would refer me to the breast clinic “in 10-14days”. It took over a month to get to the clinic despite me chasing it up with them and their response was based on my age they won’t make urgent referrals regardless of symptoms.

I went to the clinic on 13th March and I was examined by the Dr then sent straight into an ultrasound where I was told I would have to have a biopsy. I was then told I needed a mammogram and I had 6 mammograms. This confused me as I thought younger women didn’t have mammograms. I then had 7 biopsies including one under my armpit, they ‘tagged’ the breast lump with a small piece of metal and I had 2 further mammograms. I asked the radiologost what the tag was for and she said that if the lump is benign it is to mark that they’ve tested it already. I was whisked straight back to the doctor (despite being told earlier I’d have to wait around 3hrs for the results). The doctor told me they are treating this ‘very seriously’ and that they need to act quickly and that he cannot give me a diagnosis until next week when the biopsy results are back. He said that my case was marked as urgent. He talked about cancer survival rates and how theres lots of treatments. Now I am very worried as I feel like they think its cancer but can’t tell me for sure.

Everything happened so quickly and I didn’t take anyone with me as all of my friends were at work & I was expecting to be told nothing to worry about. I keep second guessing myself thinking maybe I am over reacting and only focusing on one part of what he said, maybe I missed something??!

I’m not feeling scared of a diagnosis of cancer I just want to know what they are thinking!! I feel so in the dark about it.

Have other women had so many tests and its been benign? Or is it looking likely that it’s cancer? I’m confused as I’ve read elsewhere biopsies are unusual in under 25s… well I had 7, which makes me think that can’t be a good sign??

it is vey difficult to second guess what the outcome of the biopsies will be.  It is very unusual for someone of your age to get breast cancer but I do think your GP should have fast tracked your appt not left you for a month and having to chase it up yourself as it is extra worry and delay in getting results.  Only 10% of those referred to breast clinics for further assessment actually have cancer so again the odds are on your side.  It is good that they did so many mammograms and biopsys so at least when they do get the results they hopefully will be certain either way.  They cannot lull you into a false sense of security by telling you its nothing and as you are being tested for cancer it is right to give you information about cancer and treatments available.  It must be a very worrying time for you I can assure you this is the worst time as once you have the results even if it is bad news you can discuss a treatment plan with your team and get things moving and once again feel in control.  I was one of the unlucky 10% referred to breast clinic - I didn’t really think it would be anything and I went to all my appointments on my own.   I was really shocked and surprised when I was told it was cancer as no one had mentioned this to me previously and I was totally unprepared when I got the news.   At least your team have given you all information and telling you they are treating it seriously which again is good.   I am sorry i cannot reassure you more but wishing you all the best and fingers crossed you will be in the lucky 90% and it will not be cancer.   xxx

It does annoy me when they say things like 24 is too young to get breast cancer,  A friend of mine had it at 28 she was having the gene test as her mum and aunt had cancer and her her sister and cousin were all tested,  They found lump when doing test,  She had double mammagram as did all three as all had gene.and 19 years later is still around.Any breast problems should not be ignored by any doctor at any age.


They always tell you the worse senario re treatment, im a lot older than you, they did me, sounded like i would habe to have the lot. but was ;lumpdectomy, lymth node removal, and taxmoxifen and rads, No chemo.  Keep us posted.june

Hi saffronseed

Thanks for your reply I really appreciate the stats. I’m sorry to hear how shocked you were… That’s how I felt at the clinic because I had never considered that it could be cancer, I just always expected to be told it was a cyst. You’re right that at the end of the day they are testing for cancer. It’s odd because my mum is feeling so distraught about it, my girlfriend is getting massive comfort from the fact that nothing’s set in stone yet, but I just feel impatient and want to know either way so I can start dealing with what is or isn’t happening to me!!! Xx

Ian not as young as you but I was also referred to breast clinic although GP thought thre was mothing really wrong, I had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies and then told I very probably had cancer. I was on my own as well as I didn’t think for a minute there would be bad news. I hope all this proves to be a negative outcome and you can carry on with your life. If not, the team will sort out the best treatment for you and you need to keep posting on this website for support and to help with any questions you may have. I am coming to end of chemo and then it’s surgery and rads so long way to go yet. Let us know how the appointments go and lots of virtual hugs to you x

Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for your support, it really has made me feel so much better already. It’s just a waiting game from now on. When I was at the hospital I was given the number for the breast care nurses so I think I may ring them with the questions I have. I am also finding things to keep me busy so that I don’t think about results day too much. I don’t know when I will get my results yet but I will keep posting on here :slight_smile:
Thank you xx

Hi everyone thanks for your kind words, helping me so much. I am getting my results on Friday so I will let you know how it goes. Xxx

I spoke to the breast care nurse today who said that they had found calcifications on the mammogram - which I didn’t know previously.  I asked why they took so many samples and she reassured me that it was because they need to test all the different parts of the calcification to get a proper picture of what is there.  She also phoned to lab to make sure my results would be ready for Friday and she said that the lab have done the tests and they will discuss it at a meeting tomorrow with all the relevant people to agree what the results are.  I feel much better after speaking to her.  Every day of waiting is getting easier emotionally, but I am getting more impatient & wishing the days away!
My boob is also now going green from the bruising haha!!!:smileylol:

Also wishing you good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you. X

Hello ladies
Bad news for me I am afraid - it is grade2 invasive duct cancer and they found cancer cells in the lymph too. I have had a good de-breif session with the BCNurse and feeling (strangely) empowered. Been through my surgery options etc.
I am only gutted that it looks like I won’t be at Glastonbury festival this year :frowning: :frowning: as I had bought tickets!
Thank you for all the support everyone has given me it has truly helped me get through this week xxxx

Sorry to hear your news but welcome to our club, which no one wants to join but is full of lovely ladies! I am officially the chairman of the ‘snivel’ club, in which you are allowed a good snivel and a meltdown now and then, which you must treat with cake and cocktails! I found this forum invaluable and full of encouragement when you are feeling low. Keep us posted. Xx