I'm back into hospital for an op - worried about anaesthetic

Looks like I’m back into Hospital for an op on the 1st Feb (unless it’s a nasty April fools joke!).
Have had a seroma since they did my mastectomy/lymph node clearance in January 2010, and have to get it drained every few weeks. Apparently, my body has interpreted the mastectomy site as a hole that needs to be filled with fluid - and in order to do this it has formed a capsule. Anyway, they are basically going to strip out the capsule, and all the fibrous tissue.
Anyway, I’m not worried about the operation, but I am worried about having the anaesthetic, because the veins on my right arm are totally wrecked from the chemo. In actual fact when they tried to do a NM bone scan recently they had to give up, because they couldn’t get a needle into my veins.
Anaesthetic is a bit crucial isn’t it? Don’t want to wake up during the op.

Hi Lemon - how rotten, so sorry you have to have this. I think I remember being told that they can use veins in your feet if necessary - they were contemplating doing it with me for chemo, but didn’t need to in the end. Perhaps they could put you out with the gas first, then cannulate afterwards? Worth asking anyway. Good luck.

Finty x

As long as they can get you asleep I think they can then sort out a better vein after that. When I had an op a few months ago they struggled to find a vein in the back of my hand (I told them they would but they didn’t believe me and still tried - ouch). I can’t remember where they did it in the end, but I certainly woke up with the canula elsewhere.

I had my mx after chemo, but had had a lumpectomy and lump node removal before chemo.

So by the time of my mx op, the veins in my chemo side were horrendous and I had just had one burst while trying to put a canula in for a body scan. I was very concerned about going into theatre in distress because of the vein situation. So I had a good talk to my anethetist and while there was an option of using a leg vein I managed to convince him to use my lymph node arm and everything went very smoothly. I have not had any problems with that arm at all since.

I do think that going into theatre relaxed and peaceful is very important. Being filled with vein anxiety would be horrendous. Good luck!

Hi there

I had to my mx wound resutured and then later on my portacath fitted. I had had blood clots in one arm and the other was at risk of lymphodema so they had to use my foot. If they are kind they’ll give you a whiff of gas to knock you out first which one kind doctor did. It is more painful in the foot than in the arm but it certainly is bearable.

take care, Elinda