I'm fine until I get dressed!

Hi All!

Brief outline…I had a bilat mx with temp implants on 24th Aug and then had to have left implant removed due to infection so I’m left lopsided. The fact that I’m lopsided is not an issue, in fact I’ve been going out without my softie and happy to just wear a scarf (the right implant is only a C cup so not overly obvious!)

My problem is, that a lot of my clothes that I used to wear are feeling really uncomfortable and a lot of my necklines are quite low! Even with my softie in I don’t feel good in them as my belly is now sticking out! I need to lose weight, which I have to do to have my diep recon next year and I know that once I’ve lost some it won’t look so horrendous. I just feel disfigured and prosthetics aren’t doing it for me! I have a silicone prosthesis fitting at the end of the month so maybe that will be better.

I’m going to have a wardrobe clearance later and put any clothes I don’t feel confident in, in the loft and buy some higher necked tops ready for me to go back to work. I think it’s just about feeling comfortable.

I’d love to know how others are coping with clothing and prosthetics and stuff.

Thanks for letting me have a moan!!!

Viv xxx

Hi there, I had a radical mastectomy in December last year, couldn’t have immediate reconstruction as I had to have radiation treatment afterwards. I am hoping for reconstruction next year. I bought a lot of camisole tops and support type vests in lots of different colours and I wear these under the tops that I feel are a little too revealing. This works well for me. I have a prosthesis and find it quite uncomfortable at times so don’t wear it all the time but to look at me you wouldn’t know there was a bit of me missing when I wear it.

Hi Vivtwins1, I have had a bilateral mastectomy and go “flat” with protrouding ribs and belly!!! I wear lot of scarves and chunky long necklaces, I also try to choose clothes with a pattern as I feel that helps and like supertrooper I have lots of pretty vests which I wear under low necklines, you will find your own style which you are comfortable with, it took me about four months to be comfortable x


I’m lop-sided too, with no plans to have a reconstruction (my choice). I wasn’t really happy with the softie but had to wear it for a while, especially during radiotherapy. I hope you feel happier with a silicone prosthesis. I quickly forgot that I was wearing it and nobody can tell the difference when I’m clothed.

I consigned some of my clothes to the loft too and had to get rid of all my bras - quite a cathartic experience looking back.

I agree with Supertrouper, camisole and vest tops are a great idea. You may feel comfortable and confident in some of your lower cut tops with the added confidence of a layer underneath. Primark have a fantastic range of vests in a huge array of colours.

All the very best.

I am with supertrouper…I have bought a few camisoles and wear them under any tops I am not comfy with…I think it depends on what age you are as I am 53 and have never been one for wearing tops too low anyway and it doesn’t bother me but discussing it with my elder daughter who is 32 made me realise that if I was younger it would be different…I only really struggled with some of the clothes I wear on holiday…these were maxi dresses and spaghetti strap tops…these ended up on a well known selling site…I don’t look any different dressed than I did pre Mx…

Thanks ladies. I’ve decided to get all my winter clothes out, sort through what I feel comfy in and store the stuff I won’t wear, and when I’ve had the recon, get it all out again and decide what to keep. So complicated and my friends don’t really get it!!!

Viv xxx

Hey vivtwins,
just to say I really understand your comment about people not getting it - 7 months after my single MX, when I was still bald after my chemo I wqs 50 , had big party to which my sister wore a very very very cleavage revealing dress …I was so upset i simply couldn’t then mention it and don’t suppose i ever will…
good to store the clothes and not get rid , i now wear slightly loewr neck lines than i did in year one, but not as low as some of my old clothes …also the fashions at the moment are well in our favour, lots of high neck lines so buy buy buy if you can!!
best N


I’m new to this site but feel exactly the same, hopefully the proper protheses will help.

Does anyone know if you go back to your original bra size once the swelling has gone down?

Hi BMB, welcome to the site. This is the most amazing community and I’m sorry you find yourself here.

Since my temp implant on the right hand side has gone down, I have gone down to a C cup and I was an E cup so it’s a bit of a difference but not one I mind.

Have you had a mx?


Hey BMB,
Not sure which op you have had, so not sure what the answer is to your question but the women who fit the prosthesis where i am are so helpful, they took great care to make sure the first one i tried matched - it was too heavy tho so i swopped to a half weight one, see my thread about funny thiings to do with a prosthesis for a laugh.
all the very best to you,

Just adding my voice to those who find clothing a problem.
I wear vests too, and layer, but I am narrow-shouldered (pear shaped!!) so its really hard to find them high enough. There is a type of gathered blouse/dress which works, with pleats.
I find my bra and prosthesis uncomfortable atm as a result of poor healing. I am happy enough at home and dressing casually but I dread going out and I am not sure how to manage when I go back to work. Between being blad, lop- sidded and having to wear to compression garments and a glove, feeling decidedly unattractive. Splashing out on a lipstick and coat to hide what lies beneath!!
Rattles xx

Just thought I’d mention body tape. You can get shaped strips of adhesive body tape by Eyelure. I threw out quite a few low tops after mx but I could have kept them if I’d known about it then. I haven’t tried the tape yet although I’ve had it some months but it’s good to know if need to wear it I can bend forward in public without worry. Even some of the tops which aren’t so low can gape when bending. With a prosthesis I find the bras which seperate are the best as they lay flat to the chest in the middle. I bought several bra’s which didn’t, and even though they were mx bra’s they weren’t as good as the lift and seperate type. Hope it helps!
Ami xx

I have used the Eyelure tape, it is marvellouse. I also bought some Genie bras with the pockets for the inserts. I can get my prosthesis in the pockets and they are great. I have wondered about the lift and separate type bras. I found the mx bras tend to gape at the front and if you bend forward they come right away from your chest, not a good look!

Thanks Nonny, someone else told me about the Genie bra. I will look into them!

I have felt much happier since I had my silicone prothesis as I find it stops things gaping!!!


Someone bought me “modesty panels” from Avon. They attach to your bra straps and act like a bib. They have been a blessing.
I never bothered much before with how I looked , as long as I was clean and comfortable. Suddenly after 56 years I have become clothes concious so tips like the ones I have read here are very welcome!

Thanks for that Kahren, I will look out for those! I’ve got an Avon catalogue here now so will have a look through!

I’m feeling a lot better now I’ve got my silicone prothesis and I’ve bought some higher necked tops!

Thanks again!

Viv x

I’ve got high scarring from my MX so I’m very conscious of what is on show if I bend forward or wear anything too low cut. I have several vest tops from M&S that have quite a high lace trim. Worn under my usual tops they are ideal at covering my scar and " gap". I’ve also got some modesty panels and they’re really useful too. There are also several MX bras on the Market that have detachable camisole trims- I’ve had a couple and sometimes they’re quite handy too.

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could get some stretchy lace and make your own modesty panels.

Wow, you lot are full of useful tips. Had single (left side) Mx with sentinal node biopsy on 12th December. Have a bit of a seroma on that side. Bit uncomfortable, but not exactly painful and I have reasonable use of that arm. But can’t wear my bra yet, not even with the sofie, as the band chafes my seroma. I’m going braless, but then I used to anyway, even though I am 44d on my good side. Like Applestreet, I’ve never worn low tops as at 61 I feel uncomfortable in them. Love the vest/camisole tops idea. Off to an online shop to look at some as I’m in a shopping mood right now. But first I want to look at Moorcow’s ‘funny things to do with a prosthesis’, might get some tips from there too. love and hugs. pg xxx