I'm going to run next years London Marathon for BCC

Hi Ladies
I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not as a regular reader of these forums I’m all too aware that there are a lot of people out there with this disease who could barely run for a bus nevermind the marathon. Having finished my Herceptin in July I feel really strongly I want to give something back to BCC as these forums have been a life saver for me and continue to do so. I feel exceptionally lucky to be fit enough to take on this challenge and I’m under no illusion what a challenge it will be. I also want to do this for myself, my lovely husband and 3 young kids who’ve experienced me looking and feeling awful, ravaged by chemo not to mention the numerous emergency hospital trips laid up with tubes coming out of me everywhere!. Like everyone on this site, I live my life with a sword dangling over my head and I want to do this now as who knows when my fitness will be taken away from me (again!) but this does feel like a big 2 fingers to BC and to raise funds to tackle awareness and increase support to those living with this disease now and in the future surely must be a good thing?
If anyone would like to sponsor me I will be setting up my page in a few days and you are welcome to PM me for the link. For those who would rather not sponsor me words of encouragement would do just fine now as suddenly 26.2 miles seems longer tonight than it did this morning before I opened the letter!!

Well done,you must be a glutton for punishment!
I am one who can barely run for a bus but I was like that before BC,LOL!
Its good to hear you feel well enough to take on this challenge.
Good luck with the training and let us know when your page is set up as I would love to contribute.

Brilliant please pm me the link when your page is set up I would love to sponsor you. When I was going through my chemo your reasurrance about being able to excercise again was a great help to me. Good luck with your training.

Anne xx

Fantastic. Well done you. I would be happy to sponsor you.

Julie x

Thank you everyone. I have now set up my page (no time like the present and all that!) I was going to post it here but actually it has my full name and some family photo’s and given these forums are ‘open’ to anyone surfing the net I think I would prefer to give out the details to all you lovely BCC ladies via PM. I’LL try it now.
Thank you for your fantastic support. I’ll probably bump this post up again nearer the time as well.

Good luck to you. It is my plan to do it in 2012 - hopefully to celebrate being 5 years clear by then, and it is also the year I turn 50. At the moment I am planning on a half marathon next year - not sure which one as I’m currently on the waiting list for an LD flap, and it will depend when the surgery is.

PM me with a link to your page as I will be happy to sponsor you.


I’m so pleased for you.

I know we are very similar age, kids and cancer dx and i’m so pleased for you. funnily enough i’m planning on running the 8.5miles sutton fun run next year. Not a step as big as yours but you go for it girl

Keep me posted on your progress including physical training and fitness etc would love to hear how its all planning out.

Take care and hugs to you

I have posted this for new user Joanna
Jo, Facilitator

Hi there! Just to wish you all the best - I won’t wish you luck as you won’t need it. I was 28 when I was dx 2 years ago. I have two young boys (now 4 and 3), a gorgeous husband and a brand new lease of life.
Before dx I was plodding on with life and didn’t pay too much attention to my general health and well being. This year I have sky-dived from 13,000ft, run a 10k and completed the Great North Run (13.1miles) in just over 2hrs 30, raising nearly £3,500 for Cancer Research UK. I too plan to run the London Marathon in 2011.
We are all too aware of the effect that a dx of breast cancer has on us…and continues to have day-to-day. But my fingers are also high in the air. Not without a fight.
We owe it to ourselves to live each day to the max…and hopefully raise awareness of this disease and inspire a few others along the way.
Respect to you. x x

Thank you all very much for your kind words. Have now come off the ‘high’ of getting the place in the first instance and am a bit in awed of what’s ahead - excited though. But also nervous as hell as I’m still on my 6 weeks no sport ban from my last surgery (12 days to go and counting…) and because of school holidays I really haven’t run significantly since a half marathon at the end of July. People have started to sponsor me already so there’s no turning back…
Thanks everyone, you’re such a great bunch on here…