I'm having a party!

Hi All

It’s going to be a hectic weekend!

We go to a wedding on Sunday over in Yorkshire (got a posh hat to cover very short hair) so our daughter and grandson are coming up from Oxfordshire on Friday evening, so we meet them at Preston and then are planning a trip through the Illuminations.

Our little love is 3 on Saturday, hence the party. I said go ahead invite people who wouldn’t normally be at his party so I think the total is 19.

Is it possible to look forward to something so much but also to dread it. If things get too hectic I think I’m taking myself off to Tescos’ cafe.

I’ll probably be exhausted by Friday as the house is a tip because housework has been the last thing on the agenda. I can cope with 3 or four days at work, cooking most nights and doing laundry. I don’t look at the dust anymore so i’m wondering whether to just put the clutter in bags and hide it and leave the dust. Do you think folk will bother.

Grandson has a habit of seeing cobwebs and saying DIRTY.

Anyone got a cleaner to spare?

Marilyn x

Hi Marilyn,

blimey you’re a busy bee!!! I’ve been on a mad cleaning spree today, in anticipation of chemo on weds. Its not that I don’t trust my boyfriend to keep the house clean, bless him, I just like to do it myself so I know its done! I honestly don’t think anyone would be bothered about a bit of dust at yours, they’ve come to see the birthday boy and his mummy and nanny, not how clean your house is. If your house is anything like mine its gets dusty v.v.quickly and its difficult trying to keep on top of it constantly. So, I say hide the clutter and don’t worry about the dust!!

I can totally understand how you are looking forward to the weekend so much but also dreading it! I really hope you have an awesome time at the party on Sat and also the wedding on sunday. Fingers crossed you don’t feel the need to go off to Tesco’s cafe!!

Take care and have a good 'un,


“After four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse” - Quentin Crisp
“Tumbleweed under beds? That’s what a valance is for” - Rareybird
Enjoy what promises to be a fantastic weekend!

Dear Marilyn
A very good friend told me today that my current priority is not to do house work and that I should enjoy the time I feel not too tired to enjoy the company of others. That gets me of the hook from dustin and just about ringin anyone I feel like to spend time drinking tea and eating cake. Anyone shallow enough to point out the dust is really that. Enjoy your weekend and try to rest next week. Easier said than done.
MIssi -x-
PS Just off to buy a valance.

Last week we had my husbands nephew and his partner over for a meal. We had been to their apartment the week before and it was imaculate, they are gay!

So, I felt under a lot of pressure to clean properly. Pull out beds etc, things I haven’t done for over a yr!

I was exhusted by the time they arrived and was in bed by 11pm!

So don’t bust a gut, you will enjoy your company better if you are not too exhuasted. Do you have an other half who may be able to help you out if you explain it is important to you?

Enjoy your little man, grand children are a blessing, well mine have been.

Love Irene