I'm home after five days

Hi everyone.
Op went well and feeling well shattered! Healthy but just so so tired. I had two drains, one out yesterday and one still in. I met a lovely bunch of ladies. Two undergoing reconstruction (what an eye opener), and another like me. Feeling sore and stiff and keep having a little weep. I feel like I’m grieving really and havent had any time to myself as there has always been an audience, now at home with Mum looking after me and kids and hubby at work.

love Vanessa


You went home with your drain in? Wow. I hated mine, I kept catching them on things (I had 4 in at one point LOL)

Having a weep is completely natural, I was weeping every 5 minutes at one point, now, not so often…

The only advice I would give you right now (as no doubt you’ll be inundated with people telling you what is best for you) is:

  1. Take each day as it comes. If you want to see people, then go for it - if you don’t, don’t be afraid of telling people to go away. They’ll understand if you’re not feeling social.
  2. If you feel like eating whatever you want, then do so. This is the time to treat yourself without a reason!!
  3. You can never have too many pillows/cushions
  4. Most importantly - do your exercises!!! You might not feel like it but it helps SO much…

How old are your kids? If they’re old enough, make sure they know they’re on coffee/tea duties for the foreseeable future LOL

J xx

Hi Vanessa

Glad to hear you are home and being looked after.

I am sure it is only naturel to feel weepy at times - I have no answers as my surgery - mastectomy with recon ans aux clearance is not until the end of the month.

Please take it easy and take each day as it comes. We are all here for you/

Take Care, Love

Anne x

Hi Vanessa

Glad your op went well. I always feel better after a good cry - it is as though a pressure has been released. Allow yourself to grieve - you have every right to. Take care and take it easy. No doubt will be feeling a bit like you next week after my op - it is such a scary thought.

Love Lenise XXX