I'm in Sunday Telegraph today re:Cyberknife issue Link below


Well done Lemongrove! Great that you are getting some strong publicity!

I signed your petition a while back and am delighted that you are getting some coverage. I’m only at primary stage but I felt it was an outrage that this incredibly important piece of technology is being denied to many who need it.

Keep up the good work.

All best


Thank you Lemongrove.
The funding for Cyberknife is so important to all of us. Although I am a ‘primary’ at the moment, you never know what is around the corner.
This is excellent coverage!
Nikki x

If anyone has a Telegraph account please would they post the link below to my petition on the comments underneath the article - as I’m not allowed to day that.

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Well done Lemongrove, just read the article and signed the petition x

Well done Lemongrove, you’re doing great work on this.

Have signed petition, shared on FB & Tweeted.

Love Chez. xx

Thanks for much for sharing Lesley - a very powerful article with the personal perspective. Your perserverence give me a positive sense of the imkportance of this issue and of the struggle there might me for treatment.
Best wishes

well done lemongrove

I,m at the primary stage, but who knows which of us will get to the stage where we will need this kind of treatment. I,m very glad your your getting this very worthy cause high lighted. Thankyou

Maria x

Hi Lemongrove,

Well done highlighting this. Excellent article highlighting the complete absurdity of the current situation.

Adding my big thanks to the others, lemongrove. You are helping us all and I feel it’s great to have someone highlighting such important issues and the ridiculous ‘rules’ the system has to work by for those of us with secondaries and petitioning to make such treatments more widely available.


Well done, Lemongrove – I’ve signed the petition and tweeted the article – sending love, Marilyn x

Excellent article and petition signed.

Signed the petition a while back, first time cyberknife had been brought to my attention, thanks for highlighting it. Great article.x

Well presented.



Well done. I’m wondering how you are?
Welsh girl

Thanks for asking Welsh girl. Funnily enough I have just returned from my three monthly check up- and it appears the Cyberknife has worked. Apparently all they can see is shadows where the mets were. I asked how they know the shadows are not the mets treated, and they said, the shadows will always be there because the Cyberknife itself causes damage that the scan picks up. The fact that all they can see is shadows, and there has been no progression at all, suggests it’s working. All in all, because I have no cancer evident elsewhere means I am technically, for the time being NED.
Anyway, have bought a bottle of champagne, and we’re raising a glass to those who paid for my treatment (the New Victoria Medical Foundation, The London Clinic, and the Doctor, whose name I am not allowed to mention on this forum). I just hope we can sort out the funding issue now, so that I’m no longer overwhelmed with guilt when I read about people who need Cyberknife being unable to access it.

Wonderful news - enjoy your celebrations!