I'm in that dreadful waiting period and it's so painful

Everyone seems to be so much younger than me here it’s painful to read the posts.

I felt something was wrong although I couldn’t feel any lumps but when I started taking Starflower for a different sympton I felt my left breast was extreamly sensitive.

I went to the GP and she sent me straight to the hospital. I sat there on my own thinking what on earth am I doing here I have no real symptoms. I watched women with their partners going for the scans and then being given good news whilst I went in to find out I had two lumps one of which was a cyst and the other I was told was a solid mass and a biopsy was carried out.

I felt this morning almost angry at having to wake up and face the thought that I now have to wait a week for the report to come back when I feel every day is important, why do we have to wait so long.

I’ve been booked into the results clinic at the end of the day so I’m expecting bad news. The consultant told me that if it’s bad news the lumpt would be removed along with the lymph nodes. As yet the lump isn’t visiable on the surface and I have no other symptoms but every day delayed is a day closer to this spreading in my unexperienced opinion.

There is no history in my family of breast cancer at all.

hi Chrisy, I have sent a PM to your inbox and just wanted to offer a cyber-hug and say I know what you are going through, it’s a scary awful time waiting for results. Your experience of waiting times is the norm, but knowing that probably doesn’t help. Good luck, hope you don’t have to join us, but I’m sure you will get enormous support from ladies here if you do.
Scottiedog x

hi chrisy
the waiting is horrid i saw my doc on the 21st november and am not at the breast clinic till tmrw due to my doc posting my urgent referal instead of faxing it and yes you go through every emotion, im feeling positive at the mo but hav been all over the place and dont even know if there is anything wrong with me.
yr doctor sounds great though sending you straight away as there seem to be a lot of stories on here that they can just fob you of, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for some good news for you, and keep coming on here everyone is great and very supportive and you can find out loads of useful information x

Hi Chrisy,

We all know how hard the waiting game can be, and sadly there is no easier way to do it. Maybe in the future procedures will be improved to make results happen quicker but as yet a week seems to be the standard time. It takes time for them to carry out certain tests on your biopsy which gives them good information on the cancer, which in turn decides the next step in your treatment. There are several types of breast cancer, and also grades and stages…so it isn’t quite so straight forward. I used to think there was only 1 type of breast cancer and was really shocked to find out that there was about half a dozen!!

I really do hope that everything is fine for you and the news isn’t bad. If you do have any questions, come on here and ask, the women here are great and really helpful. We all how you’re feeling and it can be an emotional rollercoaster…try to keep yourself busy which should help time go by a little quicker.

Take care and do let us know how you get on…

best wishes

Fiona xxx


I went through just the same a few weeks ago so I know what you;re going through. As all the posts have said there is no easy way other than to wait. I found that being at work, planning activities at weekends and meeting up with friends helped enormously. It can’t take away the fear but it can briefly give you respite as your mind is occupied elsewhere. I personally found watching movies of help that that did distract my mind for brief interludes.


Thank you so much for all your replies and so quick as well.

The doctor said there were 2 lumps one was a cyst and the other a solid mass which was quite small. He said although he had taken a biopsy I may need another one from someone else I can’t remember who. He said he’ll be there over Christmas so not to worry, which made me worry as he seemed to be reasuring me that any operation would be carried out immediately, therefore making me believe I should worry.

I’ve never been operated on before and am afraid of general anesthetic but I’m sure most of us would probably be anyway I’m sure that’s quite natural.

It’s interesting (perhaps not the appropriate term) to see there are so many forms of cancer I really didn’t know that.

My problem is I’m self employed which means I have to work or I don’t eat or pay my bills which is frightening as I know I will worry about this when in recovery.

Thank you for your support.


Like you and everyone else, I was concerned about having a general anaesthetic, but it really was no problem at all. I had my lump and sentinel node removed at about 2.30pm and left the hospital at about 8pm, my choice. I had no after effects from the anaesthetic. No sooner had they injected it, I was awake and it was all over.

I think you can get financial help and suggest you look on that section of the forum.

Good luck with your results and let us know how you get on.

Ann x

Chrisy, I too was worried about the anaesthetic but it was fine and I had no serious effects from it, was home in the evening and eating
Best wishes

Hi Chrissy

Waiting - it’s the worst part of everything I think! I’m self employed too and have had to work all the way through my treatments.
I was dx with IDC grade 3, DCIS High Grade and Vascular Invasion. It’s been hard, I wont lie, and takings have been down but I have managed. Being Self Employed is a great motivator!
I had a WLE and a reexcision followed by 2 rounds of chemo (long story) and 20 sessions of radiotherapy which I finished yesterday.

Fingers crossed for the best possible outcome.

PM me if you have any questions and I’ll see if I can help.

Katie x

Hi there Katie and everyone congratulations Katie on completing your r.t. I wondered if anyone can help me understand what I was told when I went for a follow up appointment this week 10 months after the 2 ops for dcis. I was originally told it was very early dcis which was contained to the milk ducts I needed a second op as I did not have clear margins ok thats pretty normal after my second op I was sent home happy it was over but the dr did not visit my bedside to explain. When my oc appointment came through I was told he got clear margins great but r.t and arimidex. After r.t finished and I felt well enough I returned to work and continued with the arimidex.

Thursday was my 10 mth follow up appointment I was shocked to be told I am classed as grade 3 dcis as on the second op they found a lot more than expected thats all I know so have been researching and wish I had asked more questions seems like I am at a higher risk of it becoming aggresive. I am going for a mammo in the next couple of weeks if it has already come back as aggresive is it possible for the dcis to escape from the milk ducts in 10 mths to a year.I would just like to ask does grade 3 always mean it will come back aggresive. I have very large breasts(well one larger) do you think this is why masectomy was not even mentioned. sorry to blab!!!

Love Linda

Hi Linda

In addition to the valuable and informed responses I am sure you will receive here please feel free to call our helpline to talk things over with someone in confidence. The line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000. I have also posted a link to our publication on DCIS in case you haven’t read it too:


Best wishes

Hi Linda I had grade 3 DCIS and grade 2 invasive.I didn’t have full mastectomy I had what they call a central mastectomy I had to lose my nipple and surounding area (I dont have very big boobs I am c cup,well only one is now lol),this was also because the invasive part was right next to my nipple.I am 3 years on now and all is well.
I think it means that it could have gone on to become invasive grade 3 cancer if it was left untreated.
Hope others come along and are more of a help.

Best wishes Melxx