I'm new here..can somebody help me please ??

I’m new here…can somebody help me please ??

I’m new here…can somebody help me please ?? Hello

I’m new here - can somebody help me please…???

First a short intro

My name is Doreen

Born in England living in Germany

Age 53 years young

Diagnosed breast cancer April 2006

27.04.06 - Biopsie / lumpectomy = Hormone Ostrogen/Progesterin neg

Her2 - neg

Mai 06 - 5 x from 6 TAC Chiemo (had to stop because of polyneuropathie /

severe Fatic Syndrome)

Aug 08 - Op (partial mastectomy)

29 from 32 Lymph nodes infected

Hormone Ostrogen/Progesterin neg

Her2 - neg

Tumor Grading 111

Staging T2 N3 R0

09.2006 - 33 x Radiotherapy

Ok back to my question … can somebody help me…???

I thought Hormone Ostrogen/Progesterin neg

Her2 - neg was good!!

But having read so much on the net I now understand

that I was wrong and that 3 x neg isn’t good at all !!

I have a greater chance of a re-occurrence within the next 5 years…

Is that right ??

I had to stop my chiemo earlier due to severe polneuropathie - restless legs.

One year later I am still numb everywhere but with total numbness in my legs, feet and finger

tips. I still don’t taste properly and my hair has only grown back partially, I also suffer with

concentration problems, poor vision and hearing difficulties.

Will these symptons go away again, well according to my Neurologist my legs, feet and hands

will probably only improve minimally because there is too much damage to the nerve endings.

Has anyone out there similar problems ?

Is my prognosis as bad as it seems?

regards Doreen

For Doreenyvonne Hello Doreenyvonne

Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time at the moment. I am sure you will get the response you are looking for from the many users of this site.

I have copied your post and put it in the ‘Undergoing Treatment’ forum as well, you may get more replies from this area.

As you are in Germany you may find useful Breast Cancer Care’s Ask the Nurse email service by following the links from the front page, the staff here may be able to answer some of your questions although treatments in other countries often vary from those in the UK.

Please do not hesitate to use Breast Cancer Care’s services if you are able to access them from Germany.

Kind regards,
BCC Host

Hi Doreen

It’s not that ‘triple negative’ cancers are worse cancers than other types - it’s just that you don’t (as yet) have an additional drug available to you to help fight a possible recurrence.

Those who test positive for Her2neu can have Herceptin. Those whose tumours are hormone sensitive can take Tamoxifen and other eostrogen blockers.

These additonal drugs, however, are just added bonuses. Surgery, chemo and radiotherapy are very effective weapons and even the chemo that you did get will have had some effect.

One thing that is confusing me is why they didn’t switch you to a chemo regime that doesn’t involve a taxane (ie Taxol or Taxotere). Taxanes are well known for causing neuropathy but other types of chemo, such as FEC, aren’t.

I know you have had the added problem of fatigue but if you felt able to tolerate another few rounds of chemo it may be worth discussing with your oncologist as hormone negative cancers tend to respond well to chemo.


-at- BCC Host

thank you verymuch for your help with the posting and info

regards Doreen

Hi Lola
thanks for your message and all of the info.
I don’t know why they didn’t change the chiemo at the time but my onco says I don’t need further chiemo at the moment. I have to go back every 3 monthhs for control and if I need chiemo again I will bear in mind what you advised, thanks again.
regards Doreen xxx