Im newly diagnosed!!

Im newly diagnosed!!

Im newly diagnosed!! Hiya everyone, my name is Jenny and i was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left boob on the 1st may. I am still unsure what grade i am or anything yet as i am waiting for an app with an oncologist tomorrow. I have been told my tumour is 5cm and they can treat it, i have to have a mastectomy at the end of 4-6months of chemo and then after that its radiotherapy. I am scared out of my head about the future. I have 3 children aged 10, 2 and 6months to keep me going and my partner is great. I will let u all know how i get on but in the meantime any messages of support and ur stories wud mean such a lot to me xx

Welcome to the site although I know you would rather not be here. You will get a treatment plan tomorrow and you will feel more in control then. It must be hard coping with your children when you have this hanging over you. I have just finished chem and although hard everyone seems to agree the time flies past. Good luck for tomorrow let us know how you go on love Eileen

Welcome Jenny

Sorry you have had to join us but you will get amazing support on this site 24 hrs a day at times.

Some of my circumstances are different from you but I did have a mastectomy. It is not a walk in the park but I have recovered well from my op as I am sure you will too. I had a choice of mastectomy or lumpectomy and I have no regrets I chose the former.

My advice would be to take any support offered, particularly in the light of your young family. Cry when you need too, a great stress buster, and when attending hosp apps, try and always take someone with you as a second pair of ears, you will be given masses of info.

Try and put yourself first whenever possible, I know us mums are often not very good at this though. Rest when you need to, and do what you want when you are up to it.

Good luck.

Love Irene

hi jenny! hi jenny sorry you have to join us, it seems like only yesterday i was writing the same as you, yet the time as flew by. i was diagnosed last june, i too had a 5cm tumor the same as you only i had a mascectomy first then chemo , radio and now im on herceptin for a year as i was her2 positive. your onc will discuss what type of tumor you have and the best way to treat it as we are all different. its very scary when you are first diagnosed as you dont know what your dealing with , this web site was my first port of call i needed to know everthing so i could prepare myself for the next step just as you are now and without with site i dont think i could of coped these ladies are amazing, what ever your worries or you need to know anything just ask we are all going through the same thing and we are all here to help each other. please let us know how you get on tomorow take care xxx suzee.

Hiya Jenny,

Take a look at the thread in this forum called ‘Hope’ started by me and you’ll see where I’m at now! I do hope it gives you strength.
Love, Carla x

To Jenny Hi Jenny

Your bc is very similar to mine. I also have a 5cm tumour in my left breast, have a few months of chemo, followed by a mastectomy and more than likely radiotherapy after that. I was diagnosed on 4th April and again, like you was terrified of the future. That first couple of weeks was the worst, scan after scan, blood tests, and I even had surgery (a sentinol node biopsy).

I’ve already had my first chemo session (27th April) which wasnt as bad as I’d been dreading, and my next one is 18th May.

I was 41 when diagnosed and have 2 daughters 13, and 10, and a brilliant supportive husband and friends. We have all now come to terms with it, and I promise you once you get your treatment plan and get started, you will feel you’re getting somewhere. Someone else told me that on this site, and I’ve quoted it ever since, because it’s so true!

This site has been invaluable to me over the past weeks, everyone here understands what each of us are going through, and are so supportive.

Please don’t worry - you will have good and bad days, but ultimately you wil get through it, and we’re all here to help !

Sending you lots of love and a big hug, and please let us know how you’re getting on.

Julie xx

just want to say its very hard at the start of the journey but you can get througl am now 3yrs from diagnosis -time has flashed by.just take every day slowly and dont be afraid to ask questions.
hugs sharonx

to jenny hi jenny
im recently diagnosed myself and was unsure of what was going on but all i can say is smile your kids dont want a weepy mom you will be fine i just wake up each day kiss my baby granddaughter hello and go and do something i want to do there must be loads of things you want to do do it NOW dont wait im thinking of you big hugzzzz xxxx tremeynexxxx

Chemo question! Hello to everyone! I am new to this site. I had a lymph node clearance 11 days ago, 6 weeks after I found a large lump in my armpit. I have occult cancer which means that the lump is a cancer that has spread from somewhere else but this source cannot be found. I have had a CT scan and an MRI scan but neither were conclusive. However the results from the analysis from the lump show that it most likely to be breast cancer.

I am meeting the oncologist on fri 11th may to discuss my chemo options.
I have been absolutely fine so far, no real worries and able to cope ok. However the thought of chemo worries me! Nor losing my hair particulary (its REALLY short anyway!) but the tiredness and nausea.
I work full time as a head teacher and I have 4 children aged 3, 6, 7 and 10.

How have you all got on with the chemo? Honest answers please! best and worse stories wanted!
kt x

Dear ktmacca Welcome to the forums. I have started a new thread for you with your post as it will be seen by more users this way. You will also find valuable information and users’ experiences regarding chemotherapy in the ‘Undergoing treatment’ room where users discuss how they are coping with treatments.

Please do not hesitate to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm for further support, advice and information or a ‘listening ear’.

Kind regards
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mastectomy Hi, my name is Iris I am 59, I have been diagnoosed with breast cancer and was due to go for a mascetomy on the 16th of this month (may) Last night I changed my mind about not having reconstruction and am now awaiting a phone call from my nurse, I do know if all is well and I can have reconstruction that I will now have to wait until the 6th of June and will find the waiting a bit hard to handle expecially at night time so I will be online for a bit of a chat and a moan no doubt, has anyone else out there changed there mind about this like I have?

For Tinytrigger Dear Tinytrigger

Welcome to the forums. I have started a new thread for you with your post as it will be seen by more users this way.

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Hi Jenny So sorry you have had to join us, the support and information you will get from these forums will be invaluable.

I was dx in November and like you had chemo first (which ended in March) my tumour was 6cm and grade 2 and was told i needed mastectomy after followed by rads.

I am very pleased to say that my chemo shrunk the tumour and i have just had a wide local excision rather than a mastectomy. this means they took 1/2 of the breast away and i kept my skin and nipple and then they did an immediate reconstruction with muscle from my back. My operation was on 25th April and it went fantastic you cannot tell the difference in the shape/size of the breast at all.

I know everyone is difference but please make sure that you discuss all your options with your onc/surgeon and question them so that you are treated individually and not as the norm.

Please keep posting so we can see how you are doing.

Take care


Hi Jenny Hi Jenny,

So sorry to hear you have had to join our elite little club (for want of a better word!). I’m sure you have already found though that this website is awesome and its brill being able to hear from other ladies who absolutely know what you are going through.

I am 34 and was diagnosed 8 weeks ago. My tumour was 4cm and I had a mastectomy on Mar 29th. Starting chemo next monday then having rads. I knew very very little about bc before I was diagnosed and have found it has been a very steep learning curve! I found this website invaluable and probably ordered just about every leaflet and booklet they have. I post messages a couple of times a week, when I have particular concerns or worries and the response is always amazing.

Friends, partners and families are great and we all need a good support network around us but sometimes it is good to know you can talk to others who are in th same boat.

Best of luck to you as you start out on this journey, I hope all went well with the oncologist.

Take care of yourself and keep posting to let us know how you are doing,


sum good news from doc!! Hiya everyone

Met my onc and a new doc today. I have a grade 2 lobular cancer ( still a bit unsure tho, any advice appreciated), i have 2 start chemo on 23rd may for 4-6months, with a scan at the end of my 4th treatment to c if they can operate then. They said the cancer is not as bad as they 1st expected but as its still cancer its still serious. Anyway made me feel 100% more positive. Bone scan and biopsy on right breast clear and i gotta have a ct scan on 16th may but they r quietly confident it aint spread elsewhere, so fingers crossed girlies that they r right. Hope everyone is doin well.
Luv Jen

irenem hi irene
it is so good to know that you have no regrets with your decision as i can more than appreciate how difficult it is to make.
i was all set to have masectomy on recomendation of ist consultant but was sent to another surgeon who really doesnt want me to do this.
i have struggled imensely with this for weeks and today have been back to see original surgeon and breast care nurse who still feel the masectomy is the right option and have been absolutely fantastic through out all of this. even though i have exceptionally good prognosis! inevitably i will develope other cancers. i feel more at peice tonight than i have felt in months even though i am really really scared now as to whether i have made correct decision or not but feel the masectomy is for me as i did at the start of all this. just dont feel ready to inform consultants yet but do know that i need to do that to move on.just so final and yet in the beginning i had no problems with having mast.
one thing that both consultants were agreed on is that without clothes it will not be great!! but i have already had reduction in past (this highlighted the cancer) so have scars anyway.
they now have to treat this as if i have elected to have the masectomy and i have to see psychiatrist before the op can go ahead ( think he may need to book some therapy himself after i have finished as they have completely mahed my head now hee hee!!) was yours anything like this. also the picture the surgeon has painted of masectomy and recon is pretty drastic and not very encouraging but pictures i have looked at do not put me off. i wondered if they were just painting the worst senario poss.
hope this makes sense as it rambles a bit just not very good at expressing on paper.

mandy x x