Im only 20, referred to breast clinic, very scared!

Hi everyone!


Just needed somewhere to vent my feelings! About 18 months ago I found a lump and toddled off to the doctors who said she wasnt overly concerned and it was probably a hormonal thing and to wait 4 weeks and see if it would go on its own after my next period. Anyway, I waited the 4 weeks and the lump was still there but I was just so scared to go back to the doctors again (silly, I know!). Fast forward 18 months and the lump is still there and seems to have increased in size from the last time I saw the doctor. The area around it is really tender and sore sometimes, as is the lump itself. I keep checking its still there and try convince myself its nothing and im being silly and imagining things! Anyway I finally plucked up the courage to go back to the doctors and had my appointment yesterday afternoon. She said it feels like it might just be fatty tissue and she doesnt seem to think it has increased in size, but she said the best thing to do because ive had it so long is to go and get it scanned. This morning I got a phone call with an appointment for next friday (2 days before my 21st birthday!!) and my mind is just in over drive! I know its probably nothing sinister due to my age, but it still doesnt stop me worrying. :frowning:


Sorry for the essay!! x

Oh Jessica. I really feel for you going through something like this at the tender page of 20, but you’ve really done the right thing in going to your GP. It probably is nothing, but the fact it’s still there would’ve driven you to distraction, so for your own peace of mind you need to find out exactly what it is. Good luck with your scan (which I’m pretty sure wil show nothing sinister) and please come back and tell us how you get on. Sending big hugs, Ann x x 

I’m so so happy for you Jessica! Now you can get on with your life and I really hope you have a fantastic birthday in Amsterdam. Ann x x