im really confused can anyone help

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and iv got to have a mastectomy I have to go and have a pre op assessment which im really worried about and a lymph scan and they put dye on you im really worried as to what happens I feel a fool for asking can anyone help xxxx

Hi Tracy777


You are certainly NOT a fool for asking questions - I am recently diagnosed (3 weeks ago) and I have mountains of questions - I don’t always want the answers though!


Please don’t worry about the pre-surgery assessment - for me it was like an MOT - blood pressure weight height blood tests.  etc,


I am going for a lymph node procedure involving dye tomorrow (Friday) then have my bi-lateral mastectomy on Saturday. 


I’ll report back any tips about the lymph node procedure after I’ve had it - it appears to be straightforward. Do you have a breast care nurse assigned to you?


Please take care.


V  xx

Hi ladies - sorry you’ve bothe found yourselfs here.
The pre op is for setting up aneasthetic, check bloods, mrsa swabs as well as blood pressure, height weight.
All standard for ops - the dye is a blue radio active dye - it helps to find out what direction any stray cells would go to - and will ping to tell the surgery which nodes to remove to test xx

Thank u both xxxx

Thanks xxxxx