I'm Starting chemo on Tuesday

Hi Ladies /
After having surgery on 4 July…i had WLE and node clearance. The results were 7 out of 20 nodes affected and a very narrow margin from the breast tissue, they removed a 2 and 1/2 cm lump. Because of the node involvement and the narrow margin, i am having chemo over 24 weeks followed by 15 rads, then 5yrs of tablets.
I’m having my first 3/4 treatments at Chrisites, then being moved back to Bolton in October.
I have recoverd very weel fom my op, in fact i still find it very hard to believe that i have even had/have BC. I have been mostly positive all through…but not now… i am more afraid of the chemo than i was of having BC!!!
Anyway, please send positive thoughts/healing to support me.

Good luck and best wishes to all

Jean xx

Hi Jean,

Its normal to feel anxious or afraid…its something new and strange. Being postive always helped me get through my 24weeks chemo anf 25 radiotherapy sessions between nov 05 to 30sep06.What chemo regime (drugs/medication)are you having?


Hi sweetie, I have sent you good luck wishes on your facebook wall, but wanted to say it to you again on here, all the best and I am sending positive vibes your way.

Love Jules xxxxx

Hi Jean

Stay positive and take one day at a time. You will feel anxious and afraid, but that is normal. There is a big support group on here, so any questions just ask. I am sure that they will be answered and you will be given lots of positive help from everyone.

I am half way through my chemo and on the TACT2 arm 3 trial, so will be now going onto Xeloda tablets. I will also be having 15 sessions of radiotherapy.

keep us posted on how your doing



Hi Jean,

I can sympathsise with your anxiety - and everyone on here will probably have felt the same. it’s something new and strange.Like you, I have been more afraid of the chemo than the bc, which I feel has been taken away.

A few days before I started my chemo I had a phone call from a local lady who had finished her treatment a few months previously. She talked me through how it had been for her, without going into great detail,and at the end of our conversation I felt much more peaceful about it.

I would, therefore highly recommend speaking to someone who has done chemo for your type of bc. You can do that most easily by just ringing this bcc Helpline ( it’s open on a Saturday morning aswell as weekdays ).

You will find the women on there SO sympathetic and kind and helpful. they’ve all been through it so know first hand what the emotions and worries are like.

In the end I helped myself by thinking of the chemo as a strong medicine which was doing me good, but, like all medicines it would have some side effects which I would have to deal with. You will be given anti-sickness medication, which is marvellous,and if not strong enough just ring your nurse and they can prescribe a different one. Have ready something for constipation, just in case.You want to avoid that if possible! Also get mentally prepared for losing your hair, and have it cut shorter in two or three stages - that’s helpful.That can be upsetting.
The women on here will give you advice and support all the way through. it’s a wonderful website. No question or worry is too small.

best wishes,

Ann xx

Hi Jean - sending love and positive good vibes to you! I think the best advice I had was to drink loads of water the day beofre and on day of chemo. Had first FEC and felt knackered for a couple of days but honestly not bad - shaved head today and think I look rather fetching - started moulting on 14th day and family wouldn’t let me on the furniture so it was easiest way - makes me feel even more positive that I am in control! It certainly is do-able so far - got second one on Tues - have been feeling great the last week and doing lots so when I am KATT - Knackered All The Time,it doesn’t last and I’ve been BAAB - Bright AS A Button - as have others -see thread on anyone starting chemo on 15th July and you will see - and please join in - you are definitely not alone-
love Chebsy x

Hi Jean,
we all know exactly how you are feeling but you will be ok. It is not something you look forward to, well maybe the last one I will, but also not something to be terrified of. I was convinced I would die on the spot on the first one but skipped out of there so pleased to have got one done and something actually working to get rid of any micro cells that might be loose. It will improve your chances by another third which is a huge amount, so worth putting up with. You will get lots of tablets to stop most of the side effects and need to take them as explained. The drinking a lot sounds oddd but gets it out of you faster. On the actual day they put a similar thing in to when you had the op and once that is in you just sit there while someone puts it in .They gently push the drugs through a syringe into the cannula in your arm/hand but you cannot feel it. I get free reflexology while in mine and eat and drink coffee and read a book.
You probably won’t be convinced until you get one done yourself though. Read the threads or one of the help pages about your chemo drugs. Are you on FEC or epi/CMF or TAC then you will know what to be prepared for
Thinking of you
Lily x

Not sure what chemo you are on but honest, Im the biggest baby going, had to be dragged in and were all waiting for me cos they knew how I felt, I had such a sense of relieft when first one done, I still get aprehensive going in but know that i like others on here can do it and handle it much better than anticipated. It aint a walk in the park but depending on when you ask you will get different responses, ask me the first week and Im fed up and side effects, week 2 and 3 I feel semi nomral and want to enjoy myself. tyhe drinking fluids defo works, the more water the better and take all medication offered to you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Hi there,
just want to add my good wishes and assure you we are all here to help each other to get through this, as happily as possible.

I am 2 weeks after 1st chemo, and I, like you was more scared of this than the Op. I am very lucky in that the Op seems like a distant memory and doesnt bother me at all, and I only had 2 dodgy days (days 4 and 5) when I was tired, grumpy with chronic heatburn. but got some fabby pills to sort the heartburn and have felt absalutely fine since then. Worked all the time (Sats too) and going out more than ever.

So, it may not be as bad as you think, keep positive and eat well (before and after)

Best of luck


I had my first chemo at Christies 10 days ago and I have to say they were brilliant. I was soooooo scared but honestly the chemo itself was a doddle. I felt fine and for 3 days I just felt a little spaced out and was holding my breath waiting for the side effects to kick in. For the past 5 days I’ve had a sore throat and my taste has gone completely which hopefully means I might just lose some weight (I’ve been trying for years).

Christies are magic and the chemo suite there is like a hotel! If like me you are having Epi it takes about an hour but a nurse is with you in your own room the whole time talking and putting you at ease. The drugs which they gave me worked but ‘an old’ hand’ told me to take all the medication that they give you. Don’t be tempted to knock off the anit-sickness drugs just because you don’t feel sick. It worked for me. Like everyone says - drink loads.

You’ll be fine. Christies are the best.


Hi Jean,
I’m glad your op is over with and you’re moving on to the next stage.I went through the same in April.WLE and SNB followed by full axillary clearance.The thought of chemo is probably more scary than the actual experience.The side effects(nausea and tiredness) are probably no worse than that experienced in pregnancy.Sorry if you haven’t experienced that to make the comparison.
If you are having problems with sickness the staff will change you to more suitable medication.Most of us have learned to go with the flow and just do what our bodies are telling us.i.e if you’re tired-sleep,hungry-eat and learn not to worry too much about housework etc.Let others help if they offer.
Hair loss was not as traumatic as expected it to be. I have always had really thick long hair and I’m managing to cope with being totally bald and have started to enjoy looking for hats to match my outfits.My kids think I look more trendy since I wear more casual clothes than the old suits and dresses I always had on for work.
Do keep us up to date with your progress.If you need to know anything about BC,treatments problems or whatever,this is the place to come.
Take care

Hi everyone,
Please accept my apologies for not replying sooner. I have read all the replies, and i have finally opened the info that i was given. This i found really hard, anyway, it appears the treatment i’m going to be on is CMF and EPI (does this sound right?)
When i got the date for my chemo, i had my hair cut a bit shorter than i usually have it…today i had it cut again.
I’m trying to stay positive, but i don’t know how long my “painted” smile will last. I’m not sleeping too well, and very tearful (but only when i’m on my own) I feel like i’m watching all this from the corner of the room!!! I know it’s happening to me, but…i still can’t accept it.
I’m afraid to let people know how sad i am, in case i start crying and never stop.
I have never had to rely on others for anything, not even as a child…for many reasons, i find it very hard to trust anyone…even people i know who love me, i have to hold back…just in case!!!
OMG!!! i’m rambling again, but because no-one here “knows” me, it’s different.
You all know and understand exactly how i feel, i suppose that’s why it feels safe and ok to come here.
I am so glad i decided to post, it really does help, especially when you hear about positive results.
I will come back and let you know what happens.
Thank you all once more
take care
Love and hugs
Jean xxxxx

Hi Jean,
I had EPI and CMF also on my first BC between Nov 05 to July 06.It seems we have things in common.I also had my haircut shortened first time days before my ist session.Acceptance is vital for me in surpassing this treatment.The healing process seems a bit easier or lighter rather than being low. dont get me wrong, its tough but we all survive this and im sure you will.It helps to talk about it with people who were or are in your situation.I did and I feel open about it.It releases some of the pain and hardship but most of all support and strenght helps a lot.


In addition,like you, I always had been independent and prefer to care for other people.The time comes that we need to accept,we also need someone to lely on and this is the time when you will find who really is there with you for support in different forms…emotional,physical and even just verbally by phone or any other form.You can jusdge when you are ready to talk about things and with whom.Be positive. I experience before that a good cry clears the cobwebs then it makes you realize that you need to focus on the road ahead…ie the treatments and getting better.You are in great company in this forum,you are not on your own.