I'm starting Rads and scared!! Is anyone else starting??

I’m starting rads on Wednesaday this week for the next 5 weeks.And I have to say that I’m so dreading it,I’ve had the chemo,mastectomy and reconstruction and just started to feel human again(well slightly!!).and the thought of being tired or ill feeling more uncomforatble than I am at the mo!!!well just plain getting me down.I know everyone says this will be the easy stage …But that doesn’t help.
Is anyone else just starting???

Hi Jenhar

I started my frying last week at the Beatson in Glasgow and have got it daily for 6 weeks. I had a 2 week break from the end of my chemo (E-cmf) and starting my rads. At the momment I’m driving myself and it takes about an hour to get there and I am a wee bit tired on the way home.

So far it’s not been too bad, although I’ve had a really bad headache since I left there today!. The nurses spend ages lining you up under the machine and then it’s actually abit of an anti climax as I’d expected a huge laser to shoot out of the machine and zap me! - I think I’ve been watching too much TV - lol!! Apparently after about 10-14 days your skin can get quite sore, but I’ll keep you posted about how mine copes

I’m sure you’ll be fine once you start it, I think it’s always abit scary when you finish 1 treatment and have to move onto another treatment phase.

I’m 39 and had a lumpectomy early March for a 1cm Grade 3 BC, followed by 8 cycles of E-cmf. Apart from being tired I seemed to avoid most of the normal chemo SE’s, fingers crossed it’ll be the same with rads.

Good Luck and Take care


Hi Jenhar,

I no what you mean about starting the whole thing of going to the hospital again,just when you’ve started to get your life back it’s like “here I go again”,but honestly (& I know everyone is different),I found the rads by far the easiest part of the whole process.
I didn’t have a problem with my skin,only used aqueous cream morning & night,and didn’t start feeling tired until started on my boosters.
The weeks went very quickly and 4 weeks later (I finished Sept 16th) my skin is almost back to normal.
Just feel tired & emotional now!!
So just remember that you’ve done the tough bit,this is the final hurdle & you’ll get through it…
I’m sure others that are just starting out will post soon and you can go through it together,

Good luck,

Love Little H xx

don’t be scared - I think that after chemo,which I didn’t have, you’d find rads a doddle…it really isn’t scary and becomes part of your daily routine pretty quickly…didn’t feel especially tired or sore during it - a little burned afterwards but it soon heals up - the time will whizz by you’ll see
chipper x

Thanks everyone.xx I’ve read all the buff again this morning and am feeling a little more in control.Going to look for more cotton bra today as mine all have seems or a wee bit lace!!and ofcourse 1 cup is far to big I’m still wearing my post op bras.So that may or not cheer me up!! Alos I have my support group today haven’t been for the last 2 weeks so that will help.

Helen I was 39yr when diagnosed this yr just turned 40yr.My hair has just started to come back in GREY!! not happy 1.I look older than my mother 2. yes it makes me middle age looking…an I dont like it!!! sorry I am so vain!! : )
But thanks everyone keep the adviice coming, and I hope your all doing Good today even tho its a crappy weather day…

There’s you going out shopping and I am spending a second day trying to write up a catalogue of cotton bras and getting bored! And then I see your posting which has encouraged me to get on with it. I am currently setting up a new company Annette Desigs which is clothing for ladies undergoing radiotherapy. Have a look at the website and see if it helps. I would LOVE your oppinion.

With luck it might save you the shopping trip I’ve been through all that and I got really tired. Good Luck and take care


You have done really well getting through mx, recon and chemo and I promise you will find rads a doddle after all that. The thought of it is much more scary than the thing itself. You literally don’t feel anything, it is more inconvenient than anything else. I have had 12 out of 15 and still feel fine, just a little tired and skin vaguely pinkish and tight-feeling. I have been driving myself there and back every day without a problem. The whole thing goes by really quickly and you soon get into the routine of it. The appointments generally take about 10 minutes at the most.
Wishing you lots of luck

Anna xx

I find it quite comforting reading what you ladies are posting as I am waiting for my date for surgery still and then have 5 weeks of radiation to look forward to! I will glow in the dark for Christmas.
I will be in at the Beatson but they have said they will put me up in The Pond Hotel as I have 70 miles each way to travel.

hi jenhar, good luck for tomorrow, there is a thread cooking in September/October with loads of help and advice from people going through rads

take care

Carol xx

hi jenhar, I just got my letter today to start 4th Nov. I go for measuring etc 29th Oct. So you have a head start on me darl LOl. Maybe we could compare notes.

I had Mastectomy June 2nd and just finished EC Chemo Wednesday gone. So I haven’t had time really to feel any normality yet. I have been told many times its a doddle to the chemo,Heres hoping eh? xxxx

Finished 4 weeks of rads 2 October.

Used lots of aqueous cream as instructed and the skin under my breast got a little sore but not too bad.

The leaflet I got given suggested wearing cotton crop tops rather than bras as these might be more comfortable.

I started wearing sports bras then after the second week moved to the cropped tops (£12 for two from BHS).

Two weeks later skin isn’t sore at all but I am very tired (was told it gets worse for two weeks after finishing before it starts to improve and that seems to be about right). I also get occasional stabbing pains in the breast, particularly towards the end of the day, which again I was warned about.

Hope that helps.

I finished 15 sessions 1 week ago and found it was OK. Like Welwyn I used lots of aqueous cream which helps a lot. Now my skin is red, spotty and very itchy for which I was given 1% hydrocortisone cream. I do get a bit tired but find I can still take the dog out for an hour every day and look after my granddaughter one day a week.
Personally I have given up on bras as the worst part is under my breast where the elastic irritates. The other thing with bras is the seams which rub on either scar. I had WLE and lymph node biopsy.
I find cotton cami vests and loose tops more comfortable even though I have big boobs.


George at Asda have a soft cotton post surgery bra - and they are on at 1/2 price £3. Bought a size larger as told will likely swell; and also so not too tight under bust area. Sadly am also large so worried about friction between boob and chest wall if no bra worn…

Hi Ladies,

Helen and Biker Babe - I’ll be joining you at the Beatson from 4th November. I’ll be the one looking like GI Jane.

I’ve had 6 rounds of chemo (hence the GI jane haircut)followed by mastectomy and full node removal. I’m due to start rads at the Beatson on 4th November and I’m hoping it really is the easiest part. I’m B****y tired now and just want to get it over with.

I’ve had problems getting bras too as there are very few in my size (34F) but I got a really good one from Nippon’s website. It’s all cotton and front fastening but best of all has no seams and deep sides which don’t cut into my mastectomy scar under my arm. A bit pricey but I’ve never been able to find cheap bras in my size anyway.

Good luck with all the cooking.


Well just finished my 3rd day.And so far so good! I know its very early.I think the part that may get me down is the travelling every day to Brighton for a quick zap (15mins) then out . The last 2 days I’ve gone shopping afterwards but the novelity has worn off there.
Hi Nippon looked at your sight Annette designs…Theres some very nice Lingerie there, wish I knew about it before I went out shopping. I managed to get some Cotton seam free sports bras…but I really do miss wearing something pretty : )
Looking forward to a weeknd of rest. Hope everyone is GOOD and has a fab weekend.

hi there
I have just completed my first week of rads. Seen by consultant today, breast starting to get pink, advised to keep moisturised well. Things were not too bad in general but I have a great supportive partner that has been there for me every step of the way.


Glad things are going well so far Jenhar. I haven’t started the daily travelling yet but I’m not looking forward to it. I know what you mean about the shopping. I did it at the beginning of my chemo and the novelty soon wore off. I can’t even think about Christmas shopping this year. Postal strike or no it’ll be the internet for me.

My other half has been a great emotional support but is useless for the practical stuff. He is totally unreliable when it comes to housework, finances etc. I’ve been used to doing it all and he just can’t adjust (or doesn’t want to). I’m lucky enough to have 3 sisters who help out. Don’t know how I would have coped without them.

Enjoy the weekend. Weather looks bad so curl up and rest. I’ll be tackling the new Dan Brown novel

Jan xx


Don’t be scared of the Radiotherapy I had 20 sessions and I finished in April it was alright. I found the daily trips to the hospital to be tiring. But if you have a few friends who are available to take you I found this helped. Be strong!

Well here we go this will be my 1st real full week of rads last weeks 3 days were ok!! I’m fiding today my back especially around my scar is very tight,so lots of lotion tonight.
But today I’m just trying to calm down as recieved a letter back form the NHS about claiming my travel and they said that with my benefit and hubbys wages we earn toooo much .LOL. hes not on mega money(he’s only a postie and no he’s not on strike!!!) So out of my benefit I have to spend £40 a week on travel so yes I’m well P’D OFF!! As I still like to maintain my wee bit of independance it really stings…
Good luck Yorkpud and everyone else out there…xxx

hi Jenhar, you can apply for a Macmillan grant to help you with travel costs, you can do it through a referral from someone at the hospital or your citizens advice bereau

good luck

Carol x