Immune Boosting Injection

Dear All

Sorry if I posted this twice, not sure if it went on just now…

Just wondered if anyone has suffered any side effects from the GSF(? is that what it’s called?) injection?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia,

I had the Neulasta (GCSF) as part of my accelerated Epi. I was warned that approx 24 hours after each inj I may suffer with flu-like symptoms and achey bones. Luckily I never felt fluey but I did get achey leg bones and for this I was told to take Nurofen which seemed to work v.well. The achey leg bones soon stopped hurting!


Thanks Kelly, I need to have one today, think because of my Dad’s death last week, I didn’t look after myself too well and nearly didn’t have my chemo yesterday.

Do you think I’ll be OK to drive on Tuesday?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia,

I should think you’ll be absolutely fine to drive on tues.

Be sure to take good care of yourself!

Take care,


Hey CeciliaL

I also have had the gsf as part of tac2 trial and i have had 1 a fortnight for 8 weeks. I chose to have mine at my local surgery rather than do it myself cause i’m a wimp. I have experienced no side effects at all. just the usual side effects from the chemo.

Gaynor p
x x


I’ve just finished 4xAC and 4xTaxol and had a Nulasta shot after each one. I did notice some symptoms after each one but it was more of a stiff neck, sore skin feeling. The symptoms wore off pretty quickly or just got lost in the after effects of the chemo.

Good luck
Anne x


I had Neulasta after the first two Taxotere but then refused anymore as my bones were so sore - had no pain after that! The hospital got a bit hot under the collar about my refusal “it’s your risk etc.” but I was happy to take responsibility and all it meant as an extra blood test pre No 3 and No 4 and then getting the other blood count booster (the fast acting one) 5 days before poisoning day. As a result I had far more days when I felt fine and could go out and do things.

Hi Anne

I have the sore skin, neck thing… a bit like fluey skin. Hope it wears off soon.

But if it means my count is high enough next time (my last FEC!), it’s a small price to pay!

Cecelia. x

I have had a week of GSCF Injections for 5 out of 6 of my chemo treatments
Have had no side effects at all
They must have worked as i have never had to miss a chemo treatment because of of my blood count being too low