immune defences - how to strengthen

immune defences - how to strengthen

immune defences - how to strengthen has anyone got advice about how to let own body do the best job of defence. I believe in my ‘machine’ want it to work for itself - what are best supplements to use for detox and fighting cancer cells?

Immune systam Hi Gabbie,
I use reflexology and reiki to help strengthen my immune system and I intend to give myself lots of reiki around my affected breast before and during radiotherapy treatments.
You might be interested in a CD by Inner Talk called Powerful Immune System which I have also found very helpful.
I think it’s important to monitor our thoughts because in my experience we become what we think about. So think about your healthy happy recovery and future.

Astragalus is excellent at helping to build up the immune system. Someone else who has posted on these forums is using Sutherlandia, which is a South African herb with notable immune building properties. I would also consider Coenzyme Q10, selenium and magnesium as supplements.

I also used reiki when stressed and depressed, and it has been a great help.

Have tried Sutherlandia and Astragalus with no noticeable results.
When on chemo could not take zinc supplement and got chest infections every time- much better now I’m back on zinc.
Would recommend Vit C slow release, Fish oil capsules, zinc pills and L_Glutamine at a level teaspoonful in water every day because these have helped me.
Apart from that a good varied diet of fresh food is what everyone needs.
Sadly we can’t eat our way out of br ca but we can keep ourselves in good nick so that bodies cope better. It’s worth remembering that a bit of what you fancy [body stating what it needs] does you good.
Best wishes. dilly

Echinacea is good to help the immune system.

Boots do their own Echinacea drops & they have a 3 for 2 offer on -at- the moment. They suggest you take the drops for two weeks & then have a break of two weeks.

Check with the experts Hi all

We would advise you to contact your breast care nurse, GP or phone NHS Direct before taking any complementary medicines to ensure they will not adversly interact with any medication you are on.

Best wishes


Breast Cancer Care

NHSa dvice from Homeopathy hospitals Hi - Iscador is reckoned to be an excellent immune system booster. Advice and prescriptions can be obtained from a homeopathic doctor. There are 5 homeopathic hospitals in the UK, one is the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in London, where I go. You are entitled to ask for a referral from your GP, it will cost you nothing. It will cost the practice nothing. you should obtain an appointment wihtin 8 weeks of referral. They will be able to advise on drug interactions if any, but I do not know of any contra-indications for Iscador, but I have not taken any cancer drugs.

If you have problems with referral because your GP thinks it is all rubbish, write to the Director of Cancer Services and make an appointment.

You can also obtain advice on other aspects of boosting your immune system, and I would say that ALL the above advice is good. The use of reflexology has measurable effects (University of Hull has been doing research in this area.)

All the best in furthering your own good health. So many people poo-poo the idea as if we were powerless and incapable…

The best way i’ve found to strengthen the immune system is something called ‘glyconutrients’. Strongly suggest u research them. The leader in this field is Mannatech Inc. who have a patented forumla containing all 8 glyconutrients (I believe they are the only company in the world with them all in one product). Echinacea is a source of one/two of the glyconutrients hence it boosts the immune system. The idea of glyconutrients is they are used in cell to cell communication so are needed in things such as auto immune disease, so the body can tell wether or not that cell should be their. It’s like writing a letter to someone, but (for example) missing out letters a,d,g. Would potentialy be very hard to understand
Hope this helps