Immunity and Shingles

Hi I have recently had a lumpectomy and am awaiting radiotheraphy in about 5/6 weeks time. I am due to visit a friend this weekend who thinks she has shingles (her doctor isn’t quite sure as she doesn’t have a rash). WOuld it be OK for me to go and see her? I would be interested to hear anyone’s comments. Thanks, Hollyhocks

Hi Hollyhocks,
Your post is interesting as I am currently having chemo and was unlucky enough to pick up shingles last week. My doctor said that I was infectious for the week that I had the rash / blisters and that the fluid in the blisters contained the active virus. I guess you could take the risk of seeing your friend based on the possibility she doesn’t really have shingles. However if you do pick it up the standard treatment is IV antivirals given over eight hours for five days which is just soooo much fun on top of everything else! I would give it a miss and catch up via phone!