immunity inj cant cope can i stop

hi i had wound problems so am having 7 doses of inj daily to boost immune system. wound is healed don’t think i need them. i had first one yesterday in my arm. by 5pm i was in agony bone aching etc couldn’t even touch my face. went to bed after eastenders and slept on and off. didn’t want to get up still achy. no way i can cope with 2nd inj today anyone else refused them.

Hi Jal

I think you may need to call your medical team for further advice on this one, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Best wishes

Hi Jal,

I had one Neulasta injection after every chemo, after my blood counts dropped after the first chemo. The first injection made me feel awful - all my upper body felt tender, especially the bones. However, I had no such reaction to the remaining injections. So maybe it’s just the first one that is bad? Perhaps you could take the second and see how that one goes?

hi thanks road runner you convinced me to try again and so far so good. a little bit achy still from first inj i think so i will progress. my district nurse said most hospitals give one or three i was lucky to get 7 and i should keep quiet. well i didn’t feel very lucky. i rang consultant and she said if i dont feel up to it to have them every other day but i must take 7. so rather than prolong it i had one today. thank you so much for the advice again roadrunner i just had to hear good news from someone who had been there. take care.