Immuno-oncology could give us another option one day


Wow this is very interesting and great news!

Just have to hope that, if it does turn into a treatment, NICE will approve it…! :-/

Just read the artical Angelfalls and it sounds very good. Even if it is a way off, it shows that the scientists are out there and still working hard for a cure and that it is definately getting closer!! As you say though, What about NICE?

Thank you for this second link Angelfalls. I’ve just read the other one from you. Did anyone else read or hear of Lord Maurice Saatchi’s plan, campaign, to allow cancer patients (his wife died of cancer not so long ago) and their Oncologists to get easier access to newer treatments without the fear of litigation and all the red tape?

Angelfalls, thank you for posting this link. I did notice the article on a newspaper review last night but hadn’t had chance to read it.
I agree that genetic engineering of killer cells to recognise and attack cancer cells is promising. If we could get our immune system to recognise cancer cells, it would be game over for cancer. I do though worry about genetic engineering, since I don’t think there is yet enough understanding about the possible consequences.
Belinda, I wasn’t aware that Lord Saatchi was campaigning to make treatments more available. I will try and find out more, because I know of three charities that are doing similar things and would I’m sure benefit from his support.

Lemongrove, I’d like to know of those charities in case there’s anything I can do to help or support…?
thanks Sarah

Lord Saatchi’s introduced a new bill, heard in parliament in Dec, link below
Telegraph article telling the story…

Ah I was then going to paste the Telegraph link so ‘thank you’ Sarah. :slight_smile: Hope this may be helpful to the charities you know Lemongrove.