Implant advice please

Hi everyone

Have read Al lot on here about reconstruction using diep and also the back one. I have decided that neither are for me as I want a quick recovery time and also don’t want to lost any muscle strength due to hourse riding. I need to heal asap as my chemo will then start. I know that it can go wrong with all surgery but have decided that for me I am having some small implants (teardrop shape) put in at the time of my bilateral mx.

Has anyone had implants and LIKED them and had no problems

Thanks for any advice !!

Hi I live my implants !!
I had a left mastectomy last August, with a tissue expander implant. This was partly as I’m very skinny on top and allowed the skin to stretch over a few months. Then in may I had that swapped for a softer silicone teardrop implant, with a round implant on the good side. This was to achieve symmetry. I went from a 32aa to 32c. Unfortunately the teardrop implant was a bit high and because of my skinniness, I had is changed three weeks ago for a round one. Now, I look great (I think). They feel good and look fab. I am also a horse fanatic, and was back to riding about ten weeks after the mastectomy. I had two different opinions on when I should ride again. One said 6 weeks and one said four months, so I went for the middle of those two !!
The only thing I would say, is that I did lose muscle strength in that short time and was unable to walk my dogs for six weeks. You do have to be careful that you don’t overdo it, otherwise the implants can move.
Good luck x

Hi guys, can I just ask whether you were advised to have bilateral mx or whether it was a choice you made? My right breast is only affected but I am inclined to opt for a double. Still undecided about the implants or DIEP but the recovery time and further scarring kind of scares me too. I’ve already had my chemo and I feel I just want to move on but just don’t know what to do! Hopefully the plastic surgeon might give me some answers!

Hi I haven’t had bilateral mx, although I did ask about it. But I had a small implant on my good side, to achieve symmetry. I like my imp mats very much. I’ve had very few problems, although I needed revision of the mx side, as the implant was too high. Now, I look better than I did before ( apart from some scars.
Having said that, the scars from the implants are very minimal. It was a quick ish recovery, and I’m finally moving forward. Good luck x


How did it go?