Implant (non expanding type)

Hello everyone,
This is my first posting.
I wonder if anyone has any experience of having an implant and how it settles?
I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction at the beginning of October. It was all a bit of a blur and I probably didn’t so as much research as I should have.
I’m now wondering why I wasn’t offered an expanding implant which may have given me a better shape? The shape at the moment of my reconstruction is a bit like half a grapefruit stuck to my chest. Will it ever drop with time? I’m not big - bra size is 34B so maybe that’s why I was offered the non-expander type?
Feel very angry at not being able to discuss this at the time.
Any advice would be very useful.
Many thanks


Lucy AB
I had a tissue expander inserted when I had my mastectomy in September and they fill it very gradually every two weeks.When it’s a bit bigger than my good boob(to allow for some droop)they’ll put the permanent implant in.I can’t imagine the discomfort of an immediate permanent implant unless you had enough skin left to take it.My scar was so tight initially even the expander with no fluid in it ,felt like a piece of cardboard had been wedged in there.Now it feels better and is expanding gradually.
If you’re not happy with it you can ask for another opinion or speak to the surgeon .Mine keeps saying that even if the radiotherapy affects the symmetry,it can be sorted out later so ,ask. I’m only small busted as well ,that doesn’t affect whats available.

I had my mastectomy and inplant (non expanding) done on the 31st Oct - it does droop as they used a tear drop shape, however, it is still very swollen - how long has yours been done? and how long did it take for the swelling to go down. The plastic surgeon told me last week he does not need to see me again for 3 months!
Wendy xx

Hi Clare and Wendy

Mine was done at the beginning of Oct. They said I had a teardrop one as well, but it doesn’t look like it to me!
I think it’s still settling down re. swelling and they told me this would be the case.
I go back in december (no appointment date yet).


Hi LucyAB,
I have had the same op, yes it does drop and the swelling goes down I had mine done 5 months ago, and I don’t like the look either, when looking down it reminds me of a stump, and when looking in the mirror which i avoid as much as possible, It looks like a mini rugbyball. I am very aware of it all the time and it often seems to swell during the day. I am seeing the surgeon in december about nipple recon, and to be fair to him he has told me he will do what ever I want when I want, as long as I am happy, so IM going to ask him if he can round it off.I dont want to appear ungrateful but I hate it, I am also only small and wasn’t given any other choice, It was implant or nothing.
all the best xx

I had the LD flap done on Aug 5th this year and i don’t like it. My surgeon got very funny with me when i didn’t look happy about it and says there is nothing more he can do. Im devastated i looked forward to finally having a new boob to match the other for 2 years and now i cant even look at it without wanting to cry. What do you do if all your hope has gone. Mine also looks like half a grapefruit stuck on my chest where the other normal one droops and looks fabulous asd i had it reduced because i could never have matched the mastectomy side to a size 32f. The implant behind the muscle is round,i wasn’t shown any other types of implant. Were any of you shown any pics of your surgeon’s previous surgery? I asked but was told it wasn’t possible as they didn’t have any.
So gutted,especially being only 38 and single.
Thinking of going for a private consultation with a top surgeon, but no idea how much that will cost,anyone know?

Hi dancingqueen,

Sorry to hear you’re so upset and disappointed about your reconstruction. Do give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with them, they’re here to support you. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000, lines are open until 5.00 pm today.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Thanks Jo,
I have been thinking of calling BCC but just haven’t really felt like talking about it. I know you guys are there when we need you :wink:
mandy x

Hi Mandy
I’ve also had a LD recon - you are right it doesn’t look like a normal breast - my old ones were a lot saggier! For once I can see the upside of the fact I’ve had bilateral BC and so although I’ve only had one recon so far I will get the other one done after chemo & rads so I should end up with a matching pair…

Why I’m posting is that I’m sure I’ve read that it is easier for single mastectomies for the surgeons to do the recon and then after everything is settled down work on the “normal” breast e.g. use implants to match the shape & sag and this is available on NHS as all part of your treatment.

So it may be a case of wait for a while and then ask again.

Good luck


Thanks Alice,
i am going to leave it for now and see if it settles in the next 6 months and see how it look then.
i have been focussing on it alot which makes me unhappy but trying not to think about it.

mandy x

Hi Ladies
I was so interested to hear of all your tales of woe regarding your reconstruction and that I am not the only one who is unhappy with the outcome.
I had a mastectomy in August and an immediate recon. with tissue expander which caused severe inflammation and then worked its way dangerously near the surface of the skin so had to be removed.
This was replaced with a very small implant because I hadn’t been expanded enough for for a decent size 36B.
Prior to surgery surgeon said he would also do something with the other breast which had a flat area due to cancer op 16 years ago. This wasn’t done.
My problem is that if I don’t wear a padded bra I don’t appear to have any shape when clothed and I have a wad of extra flesh under my arm which causes me a lot of discomfort, making bras very uncomfortable.
Are any of you familiar with the problem of the swollen sensitive area?
I coped with the cancer diagnosis and the mastectomy quite well but although it might seem illogical this is really bugging me because I am always uncomfortable.