Implantable Port fitted after 2nd Cycle of FEC-T


Has anyone had their implantable port fitted after starting chemo? How was it for you? Did your following chemo through port go smoothly?
I’m having 3xFEC and 3xDocetaxel cycles.
2 days after 2nd FEC (1st July) my hand and lower arm veins became inflamed. Oncologist diagnosed thrombophletis. So I had a port fitted 3 days ago. 3rd FEC on 22nd July. My arm is getting better. Can anyone tell me how long their arm took to heal?
Will chemo still affect my arm veins even after it goes through a port? Any info or helpful advise would be great.
As now with two affected arms one from Axillary clearance and the other by this I need reasurrance I’ll get stregth to arms back.

Thanks so much
Franci x

Hi Franci,

I have had a potacath inserted after my fist chemo. I asked for one before my chemo started but was told I couldnt have one on the nhs this turned out to be incorrect but meant I had my first chemo before the port was inserted.

The port was usd 3 days later it is in my upper arm and despite being very bruised and sore it didnt hurt when the nurse fitted the needle and I didnt have the bruising and swelling to my hand I suffered after first chemo.

I am really glad I had it done as I am definitely having some issues from the first chemo and like you was concerned that my only good arm remain that way.

I hope your arm heals quickly at least you know youre giving it the best chance by having the rest of your chemos via the port.

Best wishes

Meant to say I found the infusion was a little quicker using the port it means the drugs enter your system into a  much larger blood vessel and as its situated above your heart the blood is pumping more vigorously so the drugs dont cause the same damage they do to your much narrower veins in your hand and arm. So using the portacath means your arm veins wont be affected.

I too had axillary clearance and doing 6x FEC-T so pretty much in the same situation as you my 3rd fec is 31/07

Good luck for tomorrow.