Implants anyone?

Only recently looked at this section but no one seems to have had implants.
Can anyone tell me about these. I assume that can be done as done for boob augmentation for cosmetic reasons.?

Hi Horsemad
I have an implant - well, a tissue expander for the moment - following mastectomy & LD reconstruction. The implant comes later following chemo & including a little adjustment so I have two “boobs” that match, more or less!!
I am 6 weeks post op & ,with clothes on, everything looks good. Even without clothes the result is pretty good. I suppose the cosmetic bit is just getting a look that makes me even so no one ever need know.
I have just had a little more saline added to the implant to increase the size (I am a 38D)
I think that this is a norm for larger ladies as the muscle alone is not enough to give the shape of a breast.The implant gives the extra size & shape.
Does this help?

Can you not just have an implant if you are a smaller lady? 38B Cup. WOndered if an implant would be enough without having to have any further tissue etc taken from tum or back

Depends so much on your surgeon & your circumstances. Although I had a "skin saving " procedure the amount of skin removed had to be replaced from somewhere. You need to have a chat with your BCN or surgeon to find out the options.

Sue x