Hi there, I was diagnosed with LCIS in 2006. Then was told I have DCIS in March of this year and that Mastectomy is the best option. I was sent for a 2nd opinion to help with the decision making and from that appointment was recommended to have an MRI. I had this done on May 8th and it shows “something” in the Left breast aswell. I had another biopsy last Monday and am returning to the Royal Marsden this afternoon for results. Now I’m wondering how much worse can it get? I’m potentially facing a bilateral Mastectomy now. My Consultant told me that I don’t have enough “spare” tissue anywhere to create 2 new breasts using Diep Flap or LD flaps so she would recommend implants. Anyone eles had both breasts replaced with implants?

Hi, I had a bilateral mastectomy in July and wanted to have a DIEP operation at a later date. I was told that I hadn’t enough tissue and so had expanders put in. I have saline injected into them each week and will eventually have them exchanged for implants. Immediate reconstruction is not recommended if you might have to have radiotherapy. Hope this helps a little.



Iv had bi-lat LD recon and I was told I didn’t have enough fat for a pair so I opted for LD with implants. Very pleased with result so far.

Good luck with everything.

I was diagnosed with DCIS in my left breast at beginning of year. Went for second opinion as hosp wouldnt advise me whether to have mastectomy and recon, or just another op to get edges clear. New hosp confirmed I needed a mastectomy in March and that they could see something in other boob from MRI done at original hospital. They confirmed I had high grade DCIS in other boob in April. Said I do not have enough fat for bilateral DIEP so having LD with implants. Op was scheduled for 17.5.08 but I got a chest infection the week before and they wouldnt do op. Now scheduled for 14.6.08. Still feel poorly with infection. Just hope I get better in two weeks. Really wanted the tummy tuck, but say LD and implants is my best bet. Will only take 10 hours instead of up to 18 hours with DIEP. Also it has a higher success rate, which you need to think about when having the two done.

I first went to my docs in OCT about this, so I cant wait to get the cancer out of me. I have been back and forwards to various hospitals for 6 months and have 67 pages of notes from my consultations and phone calls, as I write it all down other wise I’d forget! So you will have to be patient, if I’m anything to go by!

My lymph nodes under my arms have been tender all year. Have you had that at all?

Good luck

Maxine x

Hi Maxine, I have had aWLE for LCIS in 2006, then in February of this year had another WLE which shows DCIS in the same breast so was recommended Mastectomy as the DCIS is extensive. I went for a 2nd opinion and was recommended to have an MRI which showed something in the left breast which has turned out to be Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia, not cancer but not normal cells either. So now I’m wondering whether bilaterla Mastectomies would be better. The lymph nodes under my right arm and in the left side of my neck have been tender all year but no-one seems concerned about that with me either!!

I don’t have enough fat for bilateral DIEP and don’t fancy LD flap so it will probably have to be implants for me.