Import Low advice

Hello everyone

I have been asked to take part in the Import Low trial as I had a small grade 1 lump (11mm), with no nodes affected. I am also taking Arimidex as it was oestrogen positive. I don’t know which of the options I shall be offered yet.

I notice from previous threads on this forum that there are other people who also opted for the trial over the last couple of years, and I would be interested in knowing how they have been getting on eg were the side-effects acceptable, are the extra check-ups reassuring and are they in addition to those already being done at the hopital breast care, any recurrences (hopefully not).


Hi Pericat,

I am just bumping this up to the top in case there is someone who can answer your question.



i can’y help on yor question but i haven’t heard of this trial/treatment and just wondered what it is, just as a matter of interest?

just googled and found a link to the study

quite reassuring you are in the low risk of recurrence group regardless of whether you enter the trial or not, but what you may want to find out is what is the options if you choose not to be in the trial… would you still get rads and how many and what area do they cover eg full breast or targeted.

maybe this would help you decide if you wanted to join the trial.


Thanks. Yes, the trial is a national one to find out if more targeted rad treatment is more appropriate in very low-risk cases. I am quite interested in it because of limiting any side-effects and the fact that there is detailed follow-up for 3 years. There have been several threads on this forum over the last couple of years but maybe those people have moved on.

If I decide not to enter the trial I can still have the same rads for the same length of time.

Incidentally, the lump was found (by me) in between mammograms and the consultant thinks it may well have been there for a long time. My previous mam had been about a year before so presumably they cannot detect anything extremely small??


what they are really looking for is changes… when tumours start they are just a single cell so cant be seen by the naked eye to by machines and xrays.

when a cancer grows the cells double with each cell division but it takes millions of cell divisions to become big enough to see on mammo so its normally there for months before you find it… if its a grade 1 or two its very likely to have been growing for many years before it becomes visible.


i am in the import low group at christies had my rads in jan no skin peeling or soreness side effects have certainly been lessened.

Hi, I’m in the Import trial - finished Rads just over 6 weeks ago having had 23 sessions including 8 boosters. I had grade 3 tumour and have also had chemo ut opted for teh trial because of its follow up of 10 years. Si far I have just given blood had my 6 week check up - all well, skin fine, and not due to be seen again for 3 months. I think each cancer centre/hospital taking part in this trial may have a differnet approach but basically in the endmy thoughts were if taking part helps another woman or the radiotherapy regime can be tailored even more for bc individually - then it has got to be worth it.


Thanks for the feedback. I am glad that the side effects seem to be less and the 10 year follow-up is a big plus.

I have agreed to join the Import Low trial now (this is at Bath’s Royal United Hospital) and waiting for the rads in the next few weeks. I will be having them for three weeks - the version with full treatment to the operation and surrounding areas, and slightly reduced rads to the rest.

Leigh - are you in the Import High group as opposed to the Low version as I understood that the Low version was for people with very small, non-aggressive tumours and who had not had chemo.

Good luck with the trial.


Hi Alex

Yup its the Import HIgh trial because of grade of tumour hence the 23 sessions (15 + 8 boosters over 5 weeks). Hope it all goes well for you - make sure you apply the Aqueous cream it really does help and drink loads to flush out the radiotherapy. I was offerd Reflexology during Radiotherapy which really benefitted as well :slight_smile:

Leigh x