Important Breast Cancer Care password reset required

Dear All


The single sign-on process is now complete, thank you very much for your patience during this process. The change means that you will only need one account to access both the Forum and the main Breast Cancer Care website, but you will need to reset your password in order to complete the process. We recommend that you do this even if you don’t currently use the Forum, as it will mean that your account is moved over in case you ever do want to come back.

To complete the process and keep your account secure we need you to reset your password by following these steps:


  1.     Followthis link to reset your password

  2.     You will then receive an email to enter a new password or you can use your existing password

  3.     You will now be able to use your account to access boththe Forum and theBreast Cancer Care website.


Some users may have experienced some technical issues during this migration exercise and we apologise for any inconvenience caused while we set up the single sign-on process. If you have experienced problems or have any queries, please email


Best wishes