IMRT availability

I have been trying to find out whether IMRT is available as “routine” at either Mount Vernon or Addenbrooke’s.  Can anyone advise me or help me work out where to find the information online?  many thanks  By the way I have had a WLE/ SNB for a small 9mm invasive tumour, just waiting for the pathology results next week and anticipate 3 weeks of radiotherapy at some point soon.

Suggest you ring and ask them.

I thought it would be useful if I updated this thread, only today having had a meeting with an oncologist at Addenbrooke’s where I will be able to get IMRT radiotherapy.  Unfortunately my decison to “get away from it all” after my surgery (a short holiday) meant that I was not around to make sure that my referral went through smoothly.  The referral got hopelessly lost and it took several faxes between to the two hospitals and lots of hassling by me for the referral to arrive successfully at Addenbrooke’s.

The two areas have slightly different approaches. My local area upped the number of RXT sessions to 18 (15 standard and 3 boosters).  Addenbrookes only consider 15 sessions to be neccessary.  They will give me “Simple IMRT”.  The oncologist that I met was of the opinion that Mount Vernon probably do offer Simple IMRT as standard, so there must have been some crossed wires in terms of the terminology. When the oncologist from Mount Vernon advised me against IMRT RXT he might have been talking about something called Complex IMRT. 

Apart from the stress of the added delays I am still very happy to be having the RXT at a more local hospital.  The journeys will be much easier and there will be 15 instead of 18 of them!