In a mess

Hi I was diagnosed last week with ductile breast cancer grade 3. I’ve had an MRI today to establish (fingers crossed) the lump is only 2cms as it appears. I’m booked in on the 24th for a lumpectomy subject to these results. I’m just in a mess, I’m terrified in case it’s spread and I need chemo ?.

Hi Caz,

We’ve all been there! …& glad you felt you could come here to offload.

Getting diagnosed is a huge shock & the early days are the worst. We’ve all had days where we’ve felt as you do now.

It can help to deal with each appointment as it comes & to try not to get into the ‘what ifs,’ easier said than done though!

Honestly, you will feel better once the treatment plan is confirmed, as ever it’s the uncertainty of not knowing that is so hard to handle.

The important thing is now that it’s been diagnosed, it will now be dealt with.

ann x




Hello and welcome to the forum not a place any of us want to be but you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here. 


This is the worst part being diagnosed but waiting for your treatment plan to be sorted  once this is in place honestly it is easier because you know what is going to happen and when. Just try and take each day at a time and not think too far ahead your breast care team will be looking after you.


Just keep coming on here and we will be there for you


Sending you hugs 


Helena xc


I have mentioned this in another post, but I think it’s the word “cancer” that makes you so panic stricken. If they could describe it in a different way it would not seem anywhere near as terrifying. I am not usually the worrying type, but I did panic when I had a similar diagnosis of a 2 cm. lump. In the end, everything was so straightforward  - routine day surgery to remove the lump, now waiting for 15 sessions of radiotherapy and that should be the end of it. Perhaps I have been extra lucky as there was no sign of any further spread.