in bromley/kent area?


Anyone in the kent area that would like to chat about what your going through while dealing with breast cancer? I was diagnosed in January this year with G3 IDC medullary phenotype high grade DCIS tn. Would be nice to chat to someone going through the same thing.
I have had lympectomey, chemo and second op friday just gone as the margin had 1mm of pre cancerous cells. Now just waiting radiotherapy.


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Hi there I live 15 mins from bromley. I grew up in Bickley. Where are you being treated? Im was at lewisham hosp but now being treated at guys hosp…I was diagnosed with 5 areas of DCIS in my right breast so told i needed a mastectomy. Due to family history I opted for a double mastectomy and got home yesterday after the op. Feeling ok just sore. Cant wait til I have more mobility. The more you look around the more you see people being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. When I was having biopsies part of me thought I couldnt have it at this age. So surreal to think a few months ago I was reading about angelina jolie and her mastectomy journey and fast forward a few months and thats me aswell! I certainly didnt see it coming. Feeling relieved the op is over now though just uncertain about the next steps.

Hi laura
I’m being treated at The Royal Marsden, London.
I was diagnosed in January this year, I have had lumpectomy in feb , chemo (x3 fec x3 tax) last one was completed 1 July, second op about a week ago as the margin had pre cancerous cells. Given all clear Friday just gone so no further ops thank god. Just radio to go.
I was diagnosd with TN (although genetic result was negative) no family history, grade 3 IDC 14mm with medullary phenotype and high grade DCIS to total of 24mm, lymphnodes neg.
Yes it is such a shock isn’t it. Even now I can’t believe it. Its is scary that more people are being diagnosed at a young age.
What are your next steps once you have recovered? How old are you? I was 32 when diagnosed.
Lou x

You may find joining younger woman with breast cancer page on Facebook useful. I joined a few days ago and its brilliant. Its all confidential and no one on your Facebook page can see your on there so whatever you post is hidden and if you have any questions, worried etc it really helps to talk to people in the same boat. on the list on the left under community click on the younger woman bit above in your area and if you look down where it starts ‘500…’ Click on that link and your will see in the message on there a link to join. Any probs let me know. X

Hi Im from Bromley Kent, you?

Hi I’m 54 from Bromley was diagnosed 2 yrs ago this july with IDC on tamoxifen but may have to change after a polyp on cervix

Hi, just wanted to let you know about we meet up once a month in Purley. May be able to help if you just want to chat or ask questions - someone else might have been through same as you… Good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

Hi , just joined . I’m in tonbridge but know
Bromley well and have friends there. I’ve
Had lumpectomy and node removal end of
March and thought I would be given radiotherapy only . I’m now having to take the
Chemo course even though nodes were clear . Very daunting as I’ve obviously left it as long as possible to agree . Thinking if doing the cold cap as my worst fear is the hair loss etc .
How did you get in ?
Hope to hear