In Limbo


This is my first post even though i have been an avid reader since i was dx on the 29th march. Everything has been helpful and this forum has been a constant wealth of info that maybe doctors/nurses don’t really think about saying as my oncologist said the other day ‘i haven’t actually been through it myself’. At the moment I just feel abit ergh, i have had my op, lump removed and sentinel nodes, thank god got good results but because of my age (34) i’ve still got to have chemo! I don’t know how to feel, really happy that i got the good news but then smacked in the face with now we’re going to make you look and feel ill! sorry to whinge i just seemed to have been able to get my head round everything but this. Also the back of arm is sore all day every day like i have sunburn i suppose, the surgeon said it’s my nerves but if anyone has any good tips i would be very grateful x

Hi Darcyb,
Welcome to the club we didn’t chose to join. We all have bad days and good days, you have every right to feel bad sometimes, come here and read and write and share how you feel, there are plenty of us to “listen”. I know when we receive our dx we are turned from fit happy healthy girls into ill ones. NOT FAIR.
Rant, rave and laugh with us.
Sorry I cannot help you with your arm, is it the side you were operated on ? If so, it could be the nerves being irritated from the op, if so, it will pass.
Cyber hugs

Hi darcyb,

sorry you have to join us. Wondering if the arm exercises you should have been given would help with the stretching of the nerves to your arm…they really do help.

Chemo seems such a terrifying thing to face and there seems to be a very wide range of reactions to it but do-able, and then you can look back (because, believe it or not, you will get to the end!) and know that you threw everything at those nasties.

love and hugs
Lee x

Hiya Darcy

Just thought i’d leave you a quick comment, i’ve also had lump removed, with full node clearance and awaiting chemo (only a little younger than you, I’m 30) - chemo starts this friday! With the ‘sunburn’ effect your getting, I also had that until about 3 weeks after surgery when it starting easing, I found gentle massage / rubbing helped - if your not sure though yu should def talk to your surgeon again, or your breast care nurse - as long as you put your mind a ease. Keep us updated on your progress,

Take Care, Carly x

You have been diagnosed with a serious illness but are not “ill” and the side effects of the chemo are the collateral damage of you fighting back. You will get there and should be proud of yourself for coming this far.


Hi Darcyb,
The sensations in your arm should improve with a little more time. Do do the exercises that you were given as it is very important to stretch the arm a little each day (don’t overdo it though - just as much as feels comfortable, if your arm hurts at a certain point then it has reached its limit for that day) keep doing it each day and you will notice a vast improvement.
The nerves have been damaged in surgery and will take a little time to heal again. I am nearly 6 weeks since node clearance on one arm and sentinel biopsy on other, the snb side healed quicker than the clearance side which is only just feeling ok. We all heal at different rates but you are young so probably will be quicker.

Chemo…I know …the thoughts are awful, I too am waiting for my first appointment and dreading it but if it beats this thing which takes our life as we know it and plunges us into this horrid place then it will be worth it. We’re not the first and won’t be the last and we each have an individual battle to fight…but fight it we will because we have no other choice…and all the other lovely people are here on this forum to help each other through our battles
Be patient, keep working at it, and good luck :slight_smile:
Suze xx

I too am waiting for first appointment for the dreaded chemo! I see my Onc. this Thursday so will probably start next week. My wonderful kids have bought me a book on eating through chemo. There are some weird & wonderful combinations in there! I am off to my drop-in centre this morning-very useful place for gleaning information & opinions on all aspects. Can’t wait to get going as, at 62, my life is just begining!
I, too am having arm problems. booked in to see physio on Thurs.

Is there anyone in the Gtr. Manchester or Stockport area reading this?


Thank you for all your comments/posts,I now feel like part of the family.

I have been doing my arm exercises and will continue, my surgery was only just over 2 weeks ago so i don’t know why i’m whinging my arm still hurts!!!

Trying not to worry about the chemo so much today but i’ve just watched the GMTV interview with Sally off corrie and feel…i don’t know actually how i feel, she looked good,she said she felt good but the scarf round her head screams cancer and it’s so unfair.


was in your position late last year and felt I would never cope with it however had my last chemo yesterday and now only have rads to go.

Am alot older than you (46) but don’t think age makes it any easier. Have 3 wonderful kids and was very worried about the effect on them.

Was terrified about losing my hair as it was very long but actually when I decided to have it shaved off it felt quite liberating. Have a wig but rarely wear it and usually just wear a bandana but have gone out without it several times. My friends say they don’t see me as a person with cancer and no hair, just as me which is great. The kids are used it too and they have coped so well.

There have been days when I have felt so down but on the whole I have stayed very positive believing that it is just one of those things that life throws at you and am so glad I found it before it was too late. I had a lumpectomy and then lypmh node clearance as it had spread. The first time I went to the Dr she told me it couldn’t be breast cancer as I had no lump!! So glad I persevered as knew something wasn’t right.

We all have a journey to get through and the support on this site is fantastic.

Keep doing your exercises they do really help but even now I have a numb part on my arm and do get pain. The onc told me that is the nerve ending knitting back together.

Take care and wish you well