In memory of my truly wonderful gran

im not sure whether or not this is the right place to post or not but i have posted and found great comfort on these forums the past 6 months since grans sec diagnosis. She passed away peacefully just half an hour ago with her 4 kids inc mum at her side. My uncle said that she took 2 last little breaths and a tear fell from her eye as she went. Im sure this is medical as her eyes were watery all week but it may also be her shedding a tear at having to leave us behind. But she was at peace with what she was dealt and that is a great comfort. I will miss that amazing lady more than anything in the world my beautiful grannie, hope u are now at peace with grandad having a brew ready to tend to ur garden in the sky. Sorry if this is a rambling post but i needed to share with someone.
Thank you all again and i wish u all all the best in the future , i pray for a cure everyday,

Although I normally wake for a short while at night & have a quick read of the forum, I don’t usually post but having read that your Gran has passed, I just had to send you a hug.

Your Gran sounded like a lovely lady, obviously very special to you, and although she won’t be here for you - there will always be a place in your heart.

Rest in peace Vicky’s Gran - another angel in heaven


Thank you very much annie, she certainly was a lovely lady and certainly will be an angel in heaven. I think i remember you saying on my last post in end of life ‘gods need was greater’ and never a truer word spoken. Thank you for the comforting words,

Hi Vicky

I have just read your sad news. I have not posted you before although I have read your thread over the last few days.

I would just like to send you a big hug and say that you had such a lovely relationship with your gran, I hope that can bring you some peace and comfort in the coming days and weeks.

God bless you, your family and RIP Vicky’s gran.

Joan xxx

Saddened by your news today Vicky, lovely that your gran had her family all around her, surrounded by love.
Sincere condolences to you all xx

So sorry to read this, Vicky, your love for your nan shines out of every word you have typed. She is now at peace, as you so rightly say. I hope your wonderful memories are a comfort to you in the days and months ahead. My condolences to you and all your family.

RIP Vicky’s nan

A big hug for you & your family Vicky after your sad loss. Lovely mental picture of her having a brew with Grandad in the garden.

Twinky x

A giant hug for you Vicky,a candle is lit for your Granny on
Love and Light Mavis

Thank u all so much for the posts of support, it does help an awful lot. Mavis wow i actually cried with happiness and was so touched by my grannies candle what a lovely gesture, much appreciated as ever and thank u for the hugs,