(( In need of a rant ))

I was diagnosed with tnbc stage2 grage3 in year 2010 and its now 2012 so come on why im i still got the old man look going on ? i hear it could be the chemo i was on 4ec 3tax i had 7 out of 8 could not not take the last one.
would like to hear from others in same situation
thx billiegirl.

Hey billiegirl !

Im sorry - i cant be much help atm. I just hope I can i can be here in 2 yrs time to think & feel the same way. Got chemo starting in a few days - i agreed to it cos it increased my chance of survival by 15%.

15% ? Jeeze - if work awarded me that in lieu of the SE’s I would respectfully return the offer (well - kinda *winks*).

I would prescribe a damned good night out - plenty of fun, and an overdose of laughter here. The alternative would be a nice hug and plentiful tissues for whenever you need them, babe!

Luv 2 all!


thank you merc dont worry you will be here in two years time thinking the same as me dont worry about chemo its not as bad as you hear i still went out had fun with me friends still went shopping still worried if i still looked fat in what i was wearing sending hugs right back at yer hun
billiegirl x x x

any ones hair not growing back like mine out there ?