In need of some friendly support

Hi Anyone
I am new to this site. Still getting used to it. Just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, the third diagnosis in my life. I would love some advice and advice and support. Reading through some of the posts I can see that this site can be very important in this battle.


Welcome to the forum. I an sure you will meet many new friends here, even if it is the club that no-one choses to join. I’m on my 2nd time (2003 + 2010). Do you know what you are facing this time as far as treatment goes ? All the best anyway.
Love Maria

Hi Tilly
So very sorry you have to join us, but as Maria says you will meet many new friends who will offer words of wisdon.
When were you diagnosed? and what stage are you at with regards to treatment
Sandra xxx

Hi Tilly,
so sorry you’ve had to join us. I’m another who has a second diagnosis (1997 and 2009) and am hopefully finishing treatment soon. Would be good to hear how you’re getting on.
There is wonderful support on this forum - it didn’t exist the first time round for me, and I do think its made a real difference to how I have managed everything. I hope you find the same thing.
I’ll be thinking about you, take care
monica xxx

Hi Tilly,
Sorry the brain is not working very well, too many things going on it there! l have just re read ‘my yesterday’ thread, and see you were on there!
So there was no need for me to ask what stage you are at…
Fingers crossed for your results on Wednesday, we seem to spend our days waiting for results don’t we?
I suppose the only consolation is you are having an op on friday, so not too long to wait, or have you already had a long wait?
Not surprised you feel ‘fed up’ we try so hard to be strong, then you hit a brickwall and you are down again!
Yes l think we are all told we are a ‘strong person’ but what option do we have, on a good day we are strong, and on a bad day…we spend all day looking for that strong person.
And the truth is sometimes we just want to crumble, and we do, then we find that so called ‘inner strength’ and we get up and fight again, because as you say, what other option do we have?
As we are always being told, and so rightly, one step at a time, and your step is tomorrow with your results. Mine is today, and l am frightened! But tomorrow is another day, or so they say!
Good Luck with tomorrow, let us know how it goes
Sandra xxx

Thank you for your replies, it made me smile. Waiting to hear if my lymph nodes are involved tomorrow. But either way on Friday I have to have my right reconstructed breast removed. With little possibility of a replacement. Leaving me with one flat side and one implanted side.
Looking forward to meeting new people who can understand some of what I am going through, as I am sure each situation and reaction is slightly different.
Good luck today Sandra. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and will wait to hear how you get on.

Tilly x

Oh Tilly I’m very sorry to hear about you losing your reconstruction - that was a huge fear for me, when I got my second diagnosis and I feel myself to be very lucky to have kept it, although its not as it was.
Not everyone sees that as a huge problem, but I do understand some of what you are having to deal with, even if just the fear of it. I hope someone comes on who can be more help to you.
I’ll be thinking of you - let us know how you get on xx
Sandra, you too, have been a bit quiet but followed your postings, would be good to hear how you are doing
love to you both
monica xxx

Thank you Monica. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment but I know I will gather myself and carry on x

Dear Tilly,

My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that this is the outcome for you. I had a mx without reconstruction and the loss is one thing but being lop-sided is another! I really wasn’t prepared for that aspect and I’m sure you must feel similarly…
This is going to be a difficult journey for you and if it would be helpful, I hope you can keep in touch and let us support you.

Your grief must be difficult to bear as you approach Friday.

I will be thinking of you.
Welsh girl x

Thank you WelshGirl
Do you mind if I ask if you use a prothesis and if so how do you find it x

I have used a prothesis for 7 years, it fits into a pocket in my bra, No one who didn’t know, can tell, and those who do, forget all about it, I look normal and feel very comfortable. I have a sponge one for swimming. I am nearly 3 weeks post op (other breast) and look forward to getting one for the other side too. They are made of silicone and are warm and soft just like a real breast to touch. There are many other sorts out there too.
Take care, love Maria

Thank you for your reply Maria. Pleased to know no one can tell. I hope the prothesis matches my implant on the other side which feels nothing like a real breast! Starting to the light at the end of the tunnel x